Download All the Latest iOS 8 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad!


Apple made everyone happy with the announcement of releasing iOS 8 for public on September 17th. However, the cherry on top proved to be the iOS 8 Golden Master build that was seeded right after the announcement to the developers. Keynote 2014 included two larger, bolder, and slimmer iPhone 6 variants and Apple's first Watch. It also included an enthusiastic attempt by Cupertino to reinvent the payment services industry with its NFC-based Apple Pay. Whatever was launched and talked about at Flint Center on Tuesday on one side, and all those simplistic and beautiful wallpapers that were constantly used on the products behind Cook on another - definitely took the cake! Here are the iOS 8 wallpapers in high-res that you can now download and make your own iPhone and iPad variants look all new and beautiful.

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Download iOS 8 wallpapers - all new!

Remember we had already shared with you a couple iOS 8 wallpapers that were released during the beta builds [read: Download iOS 8 Wallpapers for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c]. This new lot doesn't have any of those and in fact carry the most majestic collection of iOS 8 wallpapers as the blossoming purple and pink flowers looked enticing than ever before!

Here are all the amazing iOS 8 wallpapers that are part of the iOS 8 Golden Master build. Download them and enjoy it ahead of September 17th, especially if you are not planning to update instantly to the new OS.
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