Make Your iPhone Put itself on Silent Mode – How to

What could be more embarrassing than being in somber sort of event and having your iPhone beeping with some stupid notification? Well, I agree, there are worse things more embarrassing than this. But, when you do have tiny little, easy solutions to handle such situations, why to fall for such embarrassing moments and get those death stares? Here is one easy solution to make your iPhone automatically put itself to sleep rather than pushing you do it after it has proved to be alive in an event.

iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak

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iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak:

With you iOS device jailbroken, there is no doubt you can do things unthinkable for an average iOS user. Definite power! Likewise, here is an iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak to help you make your iPhone put itself automatically to sleep whenever you are busy in a meeting or attending a class.

This iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak, iSilent-iOS7 bring its very own unique feature offering schedule based controls over your iOS device's silent mode. Instead of you manually pushing it up to silent mode, it directly picks the data from your Calendar app and silencing your iPhone according to that schedule.

iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak

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Please note that this small tweak doesn't come for free. This iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak, iSilent is developed by GoodTech Systems and available in BigBoss repo for $2.99. iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak

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While you may cringe over the price tag but we believe it will attract only those in dire need of such an assistant who can automatically put the iPhone on sleep never needing to juggle your memory. The iSilent iOS 7 JB tweak is uniquely designed and intends to serve specifically those in business or education who continuously need to keep their smartphones on silent, often forgetting to do that.

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