iOS 7 Beta 1 For iPad Video Demo Posted Online

A purported iOS 7 beta 1 for iPad video demo has been posted online. Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 7 after it unveiled the update at WWDC 2013. The company has initially seeded firmware for supported iPhone and iPod touch devices, adding that the iPad versions will be available to developers in the coming weeks. A Russian has posted this iOS 7 beta 1 for iPad "exclusive" video demo on YouTube, making us question where did he get his hands on this firmware. That's beside the point though, what matters is that we presumably get an early look in to what iOS 7 might look like on the iPad.

ios 7 beta 1 for ipad

There are no major differences in iOS 7 beta 1 for iPad when compared to the beta version for other supported devices, obviously no major changes can be expected any way. It is interesting to see though how Apple's latest and greatest iOS 7 update looks on the big display of the iPad. Everything that's new on the other variants, like Control Center, new icons, gestures etc are all available on the iPad. Since we don't know if this build is official, there exists a possibility that some of the gestures might not be supported by iOS 7 beta 1 for iPad, when it is officially seeded to developers over the next few weeks.


A debate has been going on recently, there's one side that believes Apple should have stuck to its guns and shouldn't have opted for a flat UI that defines iOS 7. The other group believes that Apple was right to ditch the skeuomorphic elements in its design, and it was right to embrace the much more clean and simplified look for the flat user interface. Regardless of whatever side you're on, being able to see iOS 7 beta 1 for iPad on video will really change some people's mind. The new firmware looks good on the tablet, at least much more so than it does on iPod touch and iPhone. What do you think?

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