Tutorial Mac OS X: Use Pangu v1.1 To Jailbreak iOS 7.0 – 7.1.1

The Chinese Team behind the tool Pangu has today lauched a Mac version for their software. Pangu v1.1 includes Mac, an English interface and new exploits; with a touch of controversy. Find out more here. Following is a tutorial on how to use the new tool with your Macbooks and Mac OS X devices to jailbreak iOS 7.1 - 7.1.1. The Pangu v1.1 includes support for the following devices:

  • iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S
  • iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, Mini with Retina Display
  • iPod Touch 5th generation

Before you get started it would be wise to backup all the date on your device using iCloud or iTunes. In addition, passcode for the device should be disabled since it might cause hurdles for the jailbreaking process and that you're using the latest version of iTunes. Also keep in mind that jailbreaking might void your device's warranty. Hence, if you choose to proceed then it would be at your own risk.

So to start, download the latest version of Pangu for Mac from here.

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer

Step 2:  Backup all data on your device using either iTunes or iCloud. Better to be safe than sorry.

Step 3: Run the Pangu app that you've just downloaded on your Mac. This should mount the app.

Step 4: A new window should now open displaying the Pangu logo. It should look like this.

Step 5: Click on the pangu.app button to run the file. A new screen will now open, telling you to backup your device. If you followed Step 2, you should already have done this. So now you should be ready to click on the 'jailbreak button' shown below and start the process.

Step 6: You will now be presented with a set of on screen instructions which should be easy to follow. These include changing the date and time on your device to June 2nd, which can be done through the Setting menu. You should also turn off the 'set automatically' option.

Step 7: After you're done setting the date, the device should restart and with it the Pangu app will be installed on it. When the device is done rebooting, tap the Pangu app on your homescreen to continue with the process.

Step 8: Now you will see a message on the screen asking you if you want to open the Pangu Application by Hefei Bo Fan Communication Technology. Tap on continue to proceed.

Step 9: Wait. Your device should reboot more than once, and once it's done rebooting you will have Cydia on the homescreen.

And voila! You have jailbroken your device using Pangu v1.1.

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