iOS 7 Beta 1 IPSW Download Available Now


Today Apple has announced iOS 7, the much awaited major update of its mobile platform. Most of the rumors regarding this update have turned out to be true. Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple's Hardware design head, has clearly rubbed off on software. The UI is flat, it removes skeuomorphic elements that iOS was once famous. The overall design is sharper than before, app icons are no longer what they used to be. While public release of iOS 7 isn't going to take place till fall, iOS 7 beta 1 IPSW download links will be available in a little while. First though, don't forget to check out if your device is compatible with iOS 7.

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Apart from the radical user interface improvements, iOS 7 brings quite a few changes under the hood as well. The platform now has the ability to update apps automatically in the background. The apps a user most frequently uses will pull in updates on a priority basis as opposed to the apps that aren't frequently used. All of this is done automatically. There's AirDrop as well, which forms a peer-to-peer network between compatible Apple devices that can be used for sharing files and content.

In iOS 7 the app icons have all been redesigned. Many of the native apps themselves have been redesigned and revamped. Apple says that this is one of the biggest changes that they have made to iOS since it was first launched, and I am sure that after going through with iOS 7 beta 1 IPSW download, many would agree with this notion. A glorified version of SBSsettings is also on board, called Control Center, it allows users to adjust a variety of settings, launch a few apps and control media options.

It is likely that iOS 7 public release will take place with the launch of iPhone 5S. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already confirmed that the company's new products will not be coming out before September, this includes the next generation iPhone as well. So right now, iOS 7 beta 1 IPSW download is the only option for any one who wants to try out the new software from Apple. There's a caveat though, only those who are registered in Apple's developer program can access iOS 7 beta 1 IPSW download links.

Sure one can get iOS 7 beta 1 IPSW download links from third party sites and torrents, but let us warn you that beta software is not intended for public users. It is very unstable and not fit for public use, hence the reason why Apple doesn't release it for everyone. Never mind the fact that there are legal implications of distributing beta software meant only for registered developers. We don't encourage and recommend that you search for iOS 7 beta 1 IPSW download links from such sources. We'll keep you updated any way if the betas reveal anything else about this update. For now, do check out our detailed overview of iOS 7.

UPDATE: iOS 7 Beta 2 IPSW is now available for download.