iOS 15 Lets You Turn Off Automatic Night Mode Switching on iPhone – Here’s How


Apple's Night Mode on its latest iPhone models is great as it intelligently lights up the environment with software. If you are in a darker environment, your iPhone will automatically shift to the Dark Mode and there is no toggle to switch it off. To be fair, there have been countless times when I personally wanted to take a darker aesthetic shot but the Night Mode got in the way. However, this is about to change with iOS 15 as you will be able to manually turn Night Mode off on your iPhone and keep it off.

You Can Turn Off Night Mode on iPhone Permanently in the Settings - This is How

While you have the option available to turn Night Mode off on your iPhone, the moment you close the app and open it again, it would reappear as enabled. Your iPhone's camera basically detects low light and then automatically enables the mode. If you are tired of this automatic behavior, iOS 15 will allow you to completely disable the feature (via 9to5Mac).

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If you are currently running the latest iOS 15 beta, you will find the option in the Settings app > Camera > Preserver Settings > Turn on Night Mode toggle. This is all that you have to do and turning the toggle on will allow your camera to disable Night Mode off on your iPhone.

Turn off Night Mode on iPhone

Take note that the option still rests in the camera app and can be enabled any time that you want, It only takes the automatic switching capability from the iPhone to activate Night Mode. While Night Mode is a great feature to have on any smartphone, you do not always want to blow up images with ricochetted light.

This is all there is to it, folks. Are you waiting for the new feature? Let us know in the comments.