Intel XeSS Support Now Available in The Riftbreaker

Alessio Palumbo
Intel XeSS

The latest game to receive Intel XeSS support is The Riftbreaker, the base building/tower defense game made by Polish developer Exor Studios. The Riftbreaker was one of the first games to announce Intel XeSS compatibility nearly a year ago.

In the patch notes, the developers explained:

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This update introduces hot new tech in the form of Intel Xe Super Sampling - Intel XeSS for short. This technique allows you to get a massive performance boost while maintaining high visual fidelity. Thanks to XeSS, the game can run at a lower internal resolution and then reconstruct the image in full with the use of an AI-based upscaling algorithm. What does this mean in human-readable form? Well, the game can run and look better, especially if your GPU couldn't quite get to those sweet 60FPS beforehand.

Intel XeSS technique is very similar to the AMD FSR that has been available in the game for quite some time. It’s based on the same premise - render a cheaper, lower resolution image and use a bunch of clever tricks to achieve a high-quality upscaled image. Now you can compare the results of the two and choose the one that looks better for you or gives you more performance. Please note that XeSS and FSR are mutually exclusive - you can’t run both at once! The world would implode if you did.

Exor Studios also announced that support for AMD FidelityFX Variable Rate Shading (VRS) and Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) has been dropped since it is redundant given the availability of superior technologies like FSR 2.0 and Intel XeSS.

The new The Riftbreaker patch also introduces more intuitive navigation for the building menu and allows regular walls to be replaced by Energy Walls (and vice versa). This means you won't need to sell your old walls to upgrade.

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