Intel “Officially” unveil new Atom Pinetrail chips


Not that we didn’t know already, Intel has now Officially introduced the new Pinetrail chips on video (included after the jump). The video shows a number of netbooks and nettops running the new platform, however it doesn’t mention the exact models and vendors.

Its been a long road for the new Atom platform with lots of delays and broken promises. Things started off with claims of tremendous performance improvements over the current generation, followed by a rumored delay which caused some OEM partners to cancel their products.

And when finally the Pinetrail bandwagon had started to pick some positive momentum, including confirmation of a 20% lower TDP, and a new lineup of launch products, benchmarks of a leaked engineering sample pop up to spoil the excitement.

Ah well all isn’t still lost for Pinetrail because it still has a handful of advantages over NVIDIA’s Ion platform, including lower power consumption, price, and thermal envelope. Plus there are the rumors of a potential DDR3 upgrade as well.

Lets just keep our fingers crossed and see what happens in the coming months.