Intel Alder Lake-S ES Desktop CPU With 16 Cores & 24 Threads Spotted, Up To 3.05 GHz Clocks & On Par With i9-11900K


A new Intel Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU entry featuring 16 cores and 24 threads has been spotted over at UserBenchmark by TUM_APISAK. The said chip seems to be an early Core i9 variant and rocks its performance matches existing high-end Core i9 chips.

Intel Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU Spotted With Benchmarks, 16 Core & 24 Thread ES Chip On Par With Core i9-11900K

The sample tested here is an Intel Alder Lake-S Desktop CPU which features 16 cores & 24 threads. This means that the chip houses 8 Golden Cove cores (8 Core / 16 Thread) and 8 Gracemont cores (8 Core / 8 Thread) and rocks 30 MB of the L3 cache. These specifications are close to the Core i9-12900K though the clock speeds are rated at 3.05 GHz which means that either this is an early i9-12900K ES variant or another Core i9 SKU (Core i9-12900). Both the base (1.8 GHz) and boost (3.05 GHz) clocks are very low compared to existing Rocket Lake CPUs which boost beyond 5.0 GHz but that is to be expected from early samples.

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Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPU Specs

CPU NameP-Core CountE-Core CountTotal Core / ThreadP-Core Base / Boost (Max)P-Core Boost (All-Core)E-Core Base / BoostE-Core Boost (All-Core)L3 CacheTDP (PL1)TDP (PL2)Expected (MSRP) Price
Core i9-12900KS8816 / 243.4 / 5.5 GHz5.2 GHz2.4 / 3.9 GHz3.7 GHz30 MB150W260W$739 US
Core i9-12900K8816 / 243.2 / 5.2 GHz5.0 GHz2.4 / 3.9 GHz3.7 GHz30 MB125W241W$599 US
Core i9-129008816 / 242.4 / 5.1 GHzTBA1.8 / 3.8 GHzTBA30 MB65W202W$489 US
$464 US (F)
Core i9-12900T8816 / 241.4 / 4.9 GHzTBA1.0 / 3.6 GHzTBA30 MB35W106W$489 US
Core i7-12700K8412 / 203.6 / 5.0 GHz4.7 GHz2.7 / 3.8 GHz3.6 GHz25 MB125W190W$419 US
Core i7-127008412 / 202.1 / 4.9 GHzTBA1.6 / 3.6 GHzTBA25 MB65W180W$339 US
$314 US (F)
Core i7-12700T8412 / 201.4 / 4.7 GHzTBA1.0 / 3.4 GHzTBA25 MB35W99W$339 US
Core i5-12600K6410 / 163.7 / 4.9 GHz4.5 GHz2.8 / 3.6 GHz3.4 GHz20 MB125W150W$299 US
Core i5-12600606 / 123.3 / 4.8 GHz4.4 GHzN/AN/A18 MB65W117W$223 US
Core i5-12600T606 / 122.1 / 4.6 GHzTBAN/AN/A18 MB65W74W$223 US
Core i5-12490P606 / 123.0 / 4.6 GHzTBAN/AN/A20 MB65W74W~$250 US
Core i5-12500606 / 123.0 / 4.6 GHzTBAN/AN/A18 MB65W117W$202 US
Core i5-12500T606 / 122.0 / 4.4 GHzTBAN/AN/A18 MB35W74W$202 US
Core i5-12400606 / 122.5 / 4.4 GHz4.0 GHzN/AN/A18 MB65W117W$192 US
$167 US (F)
Core i5-12400T606 / 121.8 / 4.2 GHzTBAN/AN/A18 MB35W74W$192 US
Core i3-12300404 / 83.5 / 4.4 GHzTBAN/AN/A12 MB60W89W$143 US
Core i3-12300T404 / 82.3 / 4.2 GHzTBAN/AN/A12 MB35W69W$143 US
Core i3-12100404 / 83.3 / 4.3 GHzTBAN/AN/A12 MB60W
58W (F)
89W$122 US
$97 US (F)
Core i3-12100T404 / 82.2 / 4.1 GHzTBAN/AN/A12 MB35W69W$122 US
Intel Pentium Gold G7400202 / 43.7 GHzN/AN/AN/A6 MB46WN/A$64 US
Intel Pentium Gold G7400T202 / 43.1 GHzN/AN/AN/A6 MB35WN/A$64 US
Intel Celeron G6900202 / 23.4 GHzN/AN/AN/A4 MB46WN/A$42 US
Intel Celeron G6900T202 / 22.8 GHzN/AN/AN/A4 MB35WN/A$42 US

We know this from recent reports that the Intel Alder Lake-S Desktop QS samples will be out soon. As for the performance of this particular ES chip, the single-core score is reported at 112 points while the multi-core score is reported at 1724 points. The thing with UserBenchmark is that it is only good if you are comparing the performance of the same manufacturer which is why we will be excluding AMD Ryzen CPUs from the comparative list. The Intel Alder Lake chips are going to offer very competitive performance versus the AMD Ryzen 5000 lineup if rumors are to be believed like the one we reported here.

Compared to the Core i9-11900K, the Intel Alder Lake-S Core i9 ES CPU scores just about the same multi-core score but loses out in the single-core tests. Same is the case with the Core i9-10900K in single-core tests but the Alder Lake chip is beaten in multi-core tests too. This is due to the lower clocks and an early test platform configuration which comprised of dual 8 GB DDR5-4800 memory DIMMs. We can definitely expect performance to improve when the final QS variants hit the street which should be around next month.

The Intel Alder Lake Desktop CPUs and the Z690 platform are expected to launch on the 27th of October & will be the first mainstream consumer platform to utilize PCIe5.0 and DDR5 technologies along with a new hybrid architecture approach, something that Microsoft has optimized for its Windows 11 operating system.