Intel Cascade Lake-X 10th Generation X-Series HEDT CPUs Reportedly Delayed, New Launch Scheduled For 25th November

Intel introduces the Intel Core X-series processors in October 2019. Four new processors are suited for advanced workflows that vary in need for photo/video editing, game development and 3D animation. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

According to the latest rumors, Intel has reportedly delayed its 10th Gen X-series processors that are part of the Cascade Lake X family. The report comes from PCDIY who has revealed that the X series lineup was originally planned to launch in the coming week but the launch has now been pushed back to the last week of November.

Intel 10th Gen X-series 'Cascade Lake-X' HEDT CPUs Delayed Till End of November - AMD's 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper Pricing Strategy Cited as Main Reason, Another Price Cut Imminent?

Earlier when Intel announced their 10th Gen Core X processors back in October, they mentioned that availability would commence next month. They didn't mention specifically when in November would the processors be available but the source reports that they were scheduled for launch in the coming week on the 5th of November. That plan has since been changed and now the entire CPU lineup is scheduled for launch on the 25th of November.

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No one other than Intel can confirm whether they 5th November launch date was indeed a hard launch or a soft embargo lift for the processors. Just to be clear, Intel's internal embargo for the X series processors was lifted prior to the scheduled date. What's interesting is that the source also mentions that one reason for the delay could be AMD's 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper lineup which has yet to be introduced properly.

The source reads that Intel is waiting for AMD to announce its official pricing strategy for the 3rd Gen Threadripper lineup. Intel has already announced their official prices for Cascade Lake X CPU lineup so it makes little sense as to why Intel would wait for AMD to unveil their processor prices unless they are planning to do another price cut. That would make little sense and the delay would only affect Intel as AMD's lineup seems to offer much better performance per dollar in multitask workloads compared to what Intel would have to offer.

AMD is expected to unveil more information for their 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper family and the respective HEDT platforms next week on 6th of November during the 'Meet The Experts' webinar. We will definitely be covering all the details that are revealed by AMD for their next-gen high-end desktop platform.

Join AMD expert, Erin Maiorino, as she discusses the future of computing for high-end desktop processors, and how AMD is paving the way for creators, gamers, and workstation users to power through their day with ease.

What we’ll cover:

AMD plans for high-end desktop systems

The AMD technology built to tackle the most challenging user workloads

The future of the high-end desktop market

Here's What We Know About the 10th Gen Intel X Series 'Cascade Lake-X' Family

The Intel 10th Gen X-series, processors lineup would consist of four SKUs, an 18 core, a 14 core, a 12 core, and a 10 core processor. All are fully unlocked for overclocking, are hyperthreading enabled and feature the company’s latest Turbo Core 3.0 technology. The new lineup is still based on the Skylake-X microarchitecture and the 14nm process, however, the company has taken steps to make the 10th generation significantly more competitive in the market which includes:

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1- Significantly lower pricing per core vs the 9th generation Core X family.
2- Higher single and all-core turbo clock speeds vs the 9th gen family.
3- Support for Intel Performance Maximizer, 2.5G Intel i225 Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6.

The Intel Core i9-10980XE will be the new flagship HEDT X-series chip, offering 18 cores and 36 threads clocked at 3.0 GHz base and a maximum boost clock of 4.6 GHz (one core TB 2.0), 4.8 GHz (one core TB 3.0) and 3.8 GHz all-core boost. The chip would feature 24.75 MB of L3 cache, up to 72 platform PCIe lanes, a TDP of 165W and a price of $979 US which is half of what the Core i9-9980 XE used to cost until recently since Intel has also cut prices on their entire 9th Gen family too.

Intel 10th Gen Core i9 'Cascade Lake' X-Series CPU Lineup

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockSingle Core TurboAll Core TurboL3 CacheTDPPrice
Intel Core i9-10990XE22/444.0 GHz5.0 GHz5.0 GHz30.25 MB380WTBA
Intel Core i9-10980XE18/363.0 GHz4.8 GHz3.8 GHz24.75 MB165W$979
Intel Core i9-10940X14/283.3 GHz4.8 GHz4.1 GHz19.25 MB165W$784
Intel Core i9-10920X12/243.5 GHz4.8 GHz4.3 GHz16.50 MB165W$689
Intel Core i9-10900X10/203.7 GHz4.7 GHz3.8 GHz13.75 MB165W$590

The processors are slated to hit retail stores at the end of November and will be going up against AMD's 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper processors which will initially feature a 24 core and 48 thread SKU. Intel's flagship, as stated above, will only feature 18 cores and 36 threads in response. ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte and MSI have also revealed their new X299 motherboards for the 10th Gen X-series processors that feature high-end designs and a more creator-friendly push this time around.

What do you think of Intel's price cuts in response to AMD's Ryzen / Threadripper / EPYC processors?
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