Intel 9th Gen Core Processors Get Price Cuts, New Xeon W-2200 and 10th Gen X-Series CPUs Announced


Intel has officially announced price cuts for their 9th Gen Core series processors & also introduced their brand new 10th Gen X-Series and Xeon W-2200 series processors. This is the second big price drop that we have seen in a week coming from Intel who is now committed to striking AMD back by offering higher performance per dollar in all segments.

Intel Announces 9th Gen CPU Price Cuts, Also Formally Announces Xeon W-2200 Workstation and 10th Gen X-Series Enthusiast Processors

Today, Intel has announced that they will be offering a price cut on their entire 9th Gen Core CPUs that don't feature integrated GPUs. These include the 'KF' and 'F' series processors which launched back at Computex 2019. Till now, these processors were priced similarly to their brethren that did come with integrated graphics enabled, but Intel has decided that these parts do deserve a small price differentiation compared to the standard 9th Gen lineup.

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As such, Intel is bringing down the price of eight SKUs which range from the top-end Core i9-9900KF ($463 US, previously $488 US) and all the way down to the entry-level Core i3-9100F ($97 US, previously $122 US). We have summed up all the prices in the table below. These chips would be ideal for those users who already have discrete graphics cards and want to save up a few bucks which could be invested in other PC parts. I personally think the price cut was long overdue, but given how much Intel reduced the prices of their X-series processors, there's still more to be done for the 9th Gen mainstream lineup.

Intel 9th Gen Core Processor Price Cuts:

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase / Boost ClockUnlocked DesignCacheTDPOld PriceNew Price
Intel Core i9-9900KF8/163.6 / 5.0 GHzYes16 MB95W$488 US$463 US
Intel Core i7-9700KF8/83.6 / 4.9 GHzYes12 MB95W$374 US$349 US
Intel Core i5-9600KF6/63.7 / 4.6 GHzYes9 MB95W$262 US$237 US
Intel Core i3-9350KF4/44.0 / 4.6 GHzYes8 MB91W$173 US$148 US
Intel Core i7-9700F8/83.0 / 4.7 GHzNo12 MB65W$332 US$298 US
Intel Core i5-9500F6/63.0 / 4.4 GHzNo9 MB65W$192 US$167 US
Intel Core i5-9400F6/62.9 / 4.1 GHzNo9 MB65W$182 US$157 US
Intel Core i3-9100F4/43.6 / 4.2 GHzNo6 MB65W$122 US$97 US

Moving to the Xeon stuff, Intel has announced its Xeon W-2200 lineup based on the Cascade Lake-X design for LGA 2066 sockets. The lineup ranges from 4 core to 18 core SKUs and will offer an increased platform PCIe lane count, ECC memory support, Intel VROC support, Thunderbolt 3, Intel Optane SSD 905 support and vPro platform support in addition to built-in reliability, availability & serviceability. Intel had already launched their Xeon W-3000 lineup for LGA 3647 sockets which you can read more about over here.

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Compared to the last generation, there's a major change in the prices with the flagship Xeon W-2295 18 core and 36 thread processor now hitting retail for $1333 US, a $1220 US difference when compared to the previous flagship of the Xeon W-2100 lineup, the Xeon W-2195. The same can be said for the remaining lineup which offers more performance for significantly lower prices.

Intel is the only company that delivers a full portfolio of products precision-tuned to handle the sustained compute-intensive workloads used by professional creators and enthusiasts every day. The new Xeon W-2200 and X-series processors take this to the next level, as the first high-end desktop PC and mainstream workstations to feature AI acceleration with the integration of Intel Deep Learning Boost. This offers an AI inference boost of 2.2 times more compared with the prior generation.

Additionally, this new lineup features Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, which has been further enhanced to help software, such as for simulation and modeling, run as fast as possible by identifying and prioritizing the fastest available cores.

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In addition to the new features and support for 72 platform PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes, the new Xeon W-2200 lineup also supports Intel's Deep Learning boost, offering up to 2.2x better inference speed compared to the previous generation and 16.1x compared to a 3-year old workstation which will be ideal for new workstation builders.

Intel Xeon W-2200 Workstation Processor Lineup:

Processor NameCores/ThreadsBase ClockMax Boost 2.0 (Single-Core)Max Boost 3.0 (Single-Core)TDPCachePrevious SKU priceNew SKU Price
Xeon W-229518 / 363.0 GHz4.6 GHz4.8 GHz165W24.75 MB$2553 US$1333 US
Xeon W-227514 / 283.3 GHz4.6 GHz4.8 GHz165W19.25 MB$1947 US$1112 US
Xeon W-226512 / 243.5 GHz4.6 GHz4.8 GHz165W19.25 MBN/A$944 US
Xeon W-225510 / 203.7 GHz4.5 GHz4.7 GHz165W19.25 MB$1440 US$778 US
Xeon W-22458 / 163.9 GHz4.5 GHz4.7 GHz155W16.5 MB$1113 US$667 US
Xeon W-22356 / 123.8 GHz4.6 GHzN/A130W8.25 MB$835 US$555 US
Xeon W-22254 / 84.1 GHz4.6 GHzN/A105W8.25 MB$444 US$444 US
Xeon W-22234 / 83.6 GHz3.9 GHzN/A120W8.25 MB$294 US$294 US

Lastly, we have the Intel 10th Gen X-series, processors that consist of four SKUs, an 18 core, a 14 core, a 12 core, and a 10 core processor. All are fully unlocked for overclocking, are hyperthreading enabled and feature the company’s latest Turbo Core 3.0 technology. The new lineup is still based on the Skylake-X microarchitecture and the 14nm process, however, the company has taken steps to make the 10th generation significantly more competitive in the market which includes:

1- Significantly lower pricing per core vs the 9th generation Core X family.
2- Higher single and all-core turbo clock speeds vs the 9th gen family.
3- Support for Intel Performance Maximizer, 2.5G Intel i225 Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6.

The Intel Core i9-10980XE will be the new flagship HEDT X-series chip, offering 18 cores and 36 threads clocked at 3.0 GHz base and a maximum boost clock of 4.6 GHz (one core TB 2.0), 4.8 GHz (one core TB 3.0) and 3.8 GHz all-core boost. The chip would feature 24.75 MB of L3 cache, up to 72 platform PCIe lanes, a TDP of 165W and a price of $979 US which is half of what the Core i9-9980 XE used to cost.

The processors are slated to hit retail stores in November and will be going up against AMD's 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper processors which will initially feature a 24 core and 48 thread SKU. Intel's flagship, as stated above, will only feature 18 cores and 36 threads in response. Gigabyte and MSI have also revealed their new X299 motherboards for the 10th Gen X-series processors that feature high-end designs and a more creator-friendly push this time around.

Intel 10th Gen Core i9 'Cascade Lake' X-Series CPU Lineup

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockSingle Core TurboAll Core TurboL3 CacheTDPPrice
Intel Core i9-10990XE22/444.0 GHz5.0 GHz5.0 GHz30.25 MB380WTBA
Intel Core i9-10980XE18/363.0 GHz4.8 GHz3.8 GHz24.75 MB165W$979
Intel Core i9-10940X14/283.3 GHz4.8 GHz4.1 GHz19.25 MB165W$784
Intel Core i9-10920X12/243.5 GHz4.8 GHz4.3 GHz16.50 MB165W$689
Intel Core i9-10900X10/203.7 GHz4.7 GHz3.8 GHz13.75 MB165W$590
What do you think of Intel's price cuts in response to AMD's Ryzen / Threadripper / EPYC processors?