Set Face ID to Authenticate You on iPhone X Every Single Time – Here’s How


Face ID failing to recognize you quite often on iPhone X? Here's how you can increase its efficiency right away.

You Can Increase the Efficiency of Face ID if You Are Willing to Slightly Sacrifice Security. Here's How it Works.

For a lot of users, Face ID has been pretty accurate so far, including myself. In some cases though, Apple's new facial recognition system may find it difficult to authenticate due to various reasons. Thankfully, with a simple flip of a toggle switch, you can make Face ID very, very efficient. While it may not still ensure 100% success rate, but it will make things far more convenient than before.

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Keep one thing in mind: with this options enabled, you will be sacrificing some security of your device. See, this toggle switch which I talked about basically disables attention features of Face ID. This means that looking straight into your iPhone X's soul is not necessary in order to unlock. Furthermore, if you are having trouble getting Face ID to fire up while you are wearing sunglasses, then you might want to turn this feature off. Here's how it works.

Increase Face ID Accuracy on iPhone X.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Now tap on Face ID & Passcode.

3. Under the Attention section, there's a toggle switch called Requite Attention to Face ID. Tap to turn it off.

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With the feature now turned off, facial authentication will happen 'most' of the time, unlike before. But again, you are sacrificing some security as anyone can now just point your iPhone X towards your face, with you not paying attention, and get through the lock screen.

Quite frankly, I would suggest keeping the feature turned on at all times. I would prefer a little more security over a slight compromise.

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