iiyama Introduces the ProLite X4372UHSU Monitor

Source: iiyama

iiyama has announced the ProLite X4372UHSU monitor which features a 43-inch, 4K IPS panel that has a 4 ms response time. The 4K resolution is the most appealing feature for gamers. However, most gamers will agree that a 2560 x 1440 resolution is currently the best for gaming with all the most expensive graphics card solutions offering a balance of higher refresh rates and graphics quality.

The ProLite X4372UHSU is a fantastic monitor, although most gamers might want to stay away as the slower response time and the 4K resolution.

ProLite X4372UHSU features a 4K resolution, and this monitor also features HDR certification, which makes this monitor picture look even more fantastic when compared to other monitors currently on the market. The IPS panel comes in as another gaming feature that is marred by the slower response time, which is quoted at 4 ms in the official announcement.

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Source: iiyama

The ProLite X4372UHSU monitor has some excellent features like:

  • PBP
    • The picture-by-picture function allows for simultaneous display of content from up to four different signal inputs.
    • With this monitor divided into four, the screen offers a workplace equal to four Full HD displays put together without the bezel getting in your view and saving you the hassle with extra cables.
    • This monitor is perfect for a massive range of applications, like stock market data, medical desktop publishing, CAD / CAM drawings, and web design.
  • 4K resolution
    • This high resolution (3840 x 2160), alternatively known as 4K, offers a large viewable area with four times more information and workspace when compared to a Full HD screen.
    • The high DPI (dots per inch) allows this monitor to display an incredibly sharp and crisp image.
  • Flicker-free + Blue light
    • This monitor features a Flicker-free with a blue light reducer function, this function substantially reduces the strain and fatigue caused by both flickering and blue light emittance.
  • IPS
    • IPS technology offers darker blacks, much better viewing angles, and a higher contrast when compared to standard TN technology.
    • IPS technology allows this screen to look fantastic no matter the viewing angle.
  • Speakers
    • This monitor features two high-quality stereo speakers. These speakers are two 9 watt speakers.

ProLite X4372UHSU features a wide range of connectivity, and this includes two HDMI, two DisplayPort, and four USB ports ( two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0) connectors. The ProLite X4372UHSU is available around €490 ( or $553.04, when converted to USD).

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