id Boss Tim Willits Wants to Make a Third Rage Game as Soon as Possible


Rage 2 officially launched yesterday on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A direct sequel to 2011's first-person shooter game, it has been co-developed by id Software and Avalanche using the latter studio's Apex open world engine already seen in Just Cause and Mad Max.

In a pre-launch interview published on The Hollywood Reporter, id Software CEO Tim Willits seemed already quite eager at the prospect of making a third entry in the franchise.

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I hope so. Yes, is the answer to that question. We’ve always loved this franchise because it’s such a fun setting. We can do what we want. We were once talking about riding on giant cockroaches. What other game can you have a conversation where that’s a legitimate conversation you can have?! It’s a crazy, fun, exciting franchise and I hope we can make a third one as soon as possible.

Willits also talked about the first Rage title being influenced by earlier Mad Max movies and then Mad Max: Fury Road possibly being influenced by 2011's Rage in return.

It is very heavily influenced by Mad Max. Even back when we were working on the first Rage, doing a postapocalyptic world with vehicles and combat, you immediately start to gravitate toward the movies that had inspired you when you were young. Rage came out in 2011 and Fury Road came out afterward and I swear some of those bandits they had in Fury Road were directly taken from [our game]. I think there’s inspirations going everywhere. Avalanche had made a Mad Max game so it was such a natural fit.

Speaking of Rage 2, our review just went up and Nate apparently enjoyed it quite a bit. Here's the summary of his experience with the game:

Rage 2 is ugly, silly, and dated, and yet, I still enjoyed the hell out of most of my time with it. The game delivers the kind of low-stress, high-satisfaction fun you don’t often get from big-budget games these days. If you’re willing to check your brain at the title screen, I suggest you jump into this apocalypse now.