Just Cause Developer Avalanche Studios Making Their “Largest and Greatest AAA Project” Yet

Nathan Birch
Just Cause

The next generation of gaming is almost upon us, and thanks to new tech like solid-state drives, open-world games are undoubtedly going to be taken to all-new levels. Over the past decade or so the folks at Avalanche Studios (Just Cause series, Rage 2, Mad Max) have established themselves as leading open-world experts, and surprise, surprise, they’re apparently now working on their biggest game yet.

This information comes courtesy of a recently-posted job ad – Avalanche is looking for a gameplay animation programmer to join their New York studio in order to work on their “largest and greatest AAA project we’ve ever taken on.” The ad doesn’t use the term “open world,” but given Avalanche’s history, it’s a pretty safe bet that’s what this mystery game will be. That said, it sounds like Avalanche won’t just be focusing on the world this time around, as the also want to “push animation quality a lot further than we have done previously.” The design and animation of character models in Avalanche games has always been a bit…questionable, so it’s nice to hear they’re aiming to improve on that front.

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So, what might this big new AAA project be? Avalanche’s New York studio typically focuses on big games for outside publishers, like Just Cause and Rage 2, so expect something in that vein. If I had to guess, I’d say Just Cause 5 is on the way, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that. In the meantime, Avalanche’s “Systemic Reaction” division is working on the co-op mutant dinosaur shooter Second Extinction.

What do you think Avalanche Studios is working on next? What would you like to see them tackle? Personally, I wouldn’t mind another Rage game, as I quite enjoyed Rage 2, but I’m not sure it sold well enough to warrant a sequel.

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