Humor: No Tripod? No Problem! The iPhone 11 Pro Camera Has Your Back [Video]

iPhone 11 Pro wide-angle camera

The iPhone 11 Pro has a lot to offer but one of the biggest improvements we have seen this year is the camera. While Twitter took the latest iPhone's triple-lens camera memes by storm, you can't put your hands on a better shooter in all major lighting scenarios. As it turns out, the iPhone 11 Pro camera can also be used in scenarios where you would normally use a GoPro with special mounting gear. Scroll down for more details.

How to Use the iPhone 11 Pro Camera Like a Pro

All thanks to the ultra-wide camera at the back, this girl just gave us all a reason to put the phones in our mouth. Twitter user @aniacopian used the iPhone 11 Pro camera to record herself washing her hands in the most hilarious yet equally useful way. The video description describes her act as 'no tripod no problem' - something that all of us should take note of.

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The video starts as she casually walks in front of the sink, lathering the soap in an attempt to wash her hands. What took us by surprise is when the iPhone 11 Pro camera shifts its direction to the mirror in front. What we see is a girl holding the phone in her mouth, probably clenching it with her teeth to keep it stable. She does her business, showed us how she did it and then casually strolled back where she came from.

Obviously, we wouldn't recommend you doing it because such acts could potentially put a strain on your neck. One thing to note here is that the video turned out to be super stable and the wide-angle on the iPhone 11 Pro just did a wonderful job capturing the piece of art if you're resistant to invest in a tripod or a GoPro.

That's all for now, folks. Are you willing to put your smartphone in your mouth? Of course not! Sound off in the comments, we would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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