Huawei P10 Might End up Being More Expensive Than the Galaxy S8


The Mate 9 PORSCHE EDITION shows that Huawei isn’t afraid to take gambles in pricing a smartphone that will put the retail price of the iPhone to shame. Similarly, the latest leak from Twitter suggests that the upcoming Huawei P10 is going to be the most expensive flagship from the manufacturer yet. Let us hope that the company is making a smart decision about this.

Huawei P10 Price Spike Might Be Due to Premium Features Ranging From Curved Edge Screen and Wireless Charging Support

A previously leaked render and rumor showed that the Huawei P10 would feature a curved edge display, showing that the company isn’t afraid to take tips from Samsung and its flagship family to better its own version of a high-end smartphone. Additionally, with such devices gravitating towards getting support for wireless charging, Huawei would also want to make things a lot easier for consumers, and if the manufacturer is intending to cash out on this opportunity, then it is strictly a business decision that we will have to respect (similar to what Apple did with the headphone jack on its latest iPhone family).

Galaxy S8 Android Support Officially Comes to an End After 4 Years

However, when the pricing variables come into play, it should be stamped with a tag that would not make consumers think twice about their purchase and not force them to purchase an alternative such as the Galaxy S8. Other features that we should see from the Huawei P10 is the return of the dual-camera configuration plus incorporation of AMOLED displays. The advantage served here is that the screen will be brighter outdoors, will consume less battery life and will provide improved VR experience when running Daydream since the device is expected to pass with flying colors as far as the hardware goes.

In short, we could see a very close competitor of the Galaxy S8, so we’d like to know your thoughts on the matter in the comments right away.