Huawei Devices Removed From Android Enterprise Program List

Ever since the US government issued a trade ban against Huawei, things have been getting progressively worse for the Chinese telecommunications giant. The company stands to lose its Android license, ARM instructed its staff to 'stop working' with Huawei and the international SD card association just blacklisted them. Now, Google has removed all Huawei phones from the list of Android Enterprise Recommended devices.

The Android Enterprise Device program is a recent endeavour undertaken by Google to break into the enterprise market. Big businesses have often avoided using Android phones in an official capacity due to some of Android's shortcomings, the most notable one being fragmentation and lack of security updates after a point. A device has to fulfil a long list of criteria before it can be certified as Android Enterprise ready.

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The Huawei Mate 10, P10, Mate 20, and MediaPad M5 were some of Huawei's devices enrolled in the program, alongside devices from Google, Sony, Samsung, BlackBerry, and others. Even the Huawei-manufactured Nexus 6P has also been removed from the 'Enterprise Solutions Directory' section of the website as well. All Huawei phones have also been removed from the official site as well. The Mate X was formerly listed alongside other early 5G phones, and the P30 Pro was highlighted for its excellent camera.

The move is hardly surprising, considering the strained relationship between Huawei and Google. At the very least, Huawei can push updates and security patches to their devices till mid-August. It is unclear as to what'll happen to existing devices after that. The fate of upcoming Huawei/Honor devices is also unclear. Yes, Huawei is working on its own Android alternative, but the chances of it offering the same flexibility as Android are dim. Earlier last year, ZTE also ran the risk of losing their Android license, but the company managed to strike a deal with the U.S Department of Commerce at the last minute and was able to stay afloat, albeit with massive losses.

News Source: Android Police

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