Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro Bring a Smarter Phone With Widest Camera Aperture, NPU for Machine Learning and More


The newest Android flagship players from Huawei, the Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro are officially here and bring a premium package that is stuffed with powerful internals and according to the manufacturer, it aims to bring a smarter device to the public. Here are all the specifications, features, pricing and availability details you need to know about the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro.

Design and Display

The Mate 10 is rocking a 5.9-inch 2,560 x 1,440 display with a conventional approach to a mobile device. What this means is that you will find the same physical home button as you saw on devices last year with a fingerprint reader embedded in it.

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However, if you’re looking to obtain a flagship boasting an ‘all-screen’ design, then you need to get the Mate 10 Pro, which sports a ‘FullView’ OLED panel with an 18:9 aspect ratio and a resolution measuring at 2,160 x 1,080. Both of these devices support the HDR10 standard, which will make them a media consumption delight for millions of users.

Kirin 970 SoC and the Neural Processing Unit

Both smartphones are running Huawei’s in-house Kirin 970 made on the 10nm FinFET architecture. While we can already feel the performance radiating from both of the phones, what will matter is the neural processing unit (NPU) running in the SoC, making the device ‘smarter’ than the competition.

In short, the smartphones will take advantage of machine learning to enable users to witness a better operating system experience. For example, the NPU will use machine learning to take a better picture using automatic object recognition. Simply stated, a proper color correction would be employed in order to bring the image result to be as accurate as possible.

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There are other properties of machine learning such as providing search results according to the user’s browsing habits as well as providing accurate text messaging suggestions when they are having conversations with their friends. The NPU will also pick the user’s regular string of habits and optimize the smartphone experience accordingly.


Both the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro match the LG V30 in widest camera aperture for a smartphone at a value of F/1.6. As for the rear camera solutions, both of these phones feature a 12MP color sensor and 20MP monochrome sensor, but only the color sensor features optical image stabilization. The front 8MP selfie shooter is also present, but it is yet to be determined if it will take advantage of machine learning in order to deliver color correction results.


Complementing the Kirin 970 is 4GB of RAM for the base model coupled with 64GB of onboard storage on the Mate 10. There is also going to be a 6GB RAM model but just for the Mate 10 Pro and the internal storage with this version will be bumped up to 128GB. Side by side, the Mate 10 Pro sports a Cat. 18 modem while the regular Mate 10 features a Cat. 16 chip. With wireless connectivity technology improving, this could become a very useful chip in the end.

The Mate 10 also gets a headphone jack and microSD expansion, while the Mate 10 Pro was unfortunately left out of the playing field when these additions were involved. Both devices are also rocking a massive 4,000mAh battery, making the cells larger than those present in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and Google’s Pixel 2 XL.

Easy Projection

Easy Projection is very similar to Samsung’s DeX Station feature but without the need for a dock. In short, you will need a Type-C USB to HDMI adapter and connect it to an available monitor and presto, the entire Android experience will be projected onto that monitor. For connecting peripherals, unfortunately, you will need to pray that your current monitor houses USB ports.

Pricing and Availability Details

The Mate 10 will be available for purchase from late October and will cost a whopping €699, or $821 USD. The Mate 10 Pro will arrive in mid-November with a price tag of €799 or $939 USD. Keep in mind that these pricing details are for Europe and information regarding U.S. prices will be announced at a later date.

Both devices will also be arriving in four color options, with the Mate 10 incoming with a brown, pink gold, gold, and black version, while the Mate 10 Pro will be available in brown, pink gold, grey, and blue.

With a few gripes here and there, on paper the hardware looks very formidable, and with the Easy Projection and NPU features on board, it is expected that the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are going to challenge a large market share of the current-gen flagships from the likes of Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and of course Apple.

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