HTC One M8 Tips and Tricks to Save Battery!

Rafia Shaikh

HTC One was one of the top smartphones in 2013; it has successfully managed to get the top spot this year too with the latest HTC One M8. While much has improved on the battery side, the smartphone still lacks a lot and needs proper management if you have a long day ahead. Here are some of the HTC One battery tips and tricks to help your device stay with you longer.HTC One battery tipsRecommended read: Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 Component-by-Component Analysis


HTC One battery tips:

To access Quick Settings menu on HTC One M8 to tweak things for longer battery usage, swipe down from top of the screen and tap on the square icon in the upper right corner. Once you are in the Settings, here are a few things you may consider to reduce the battery usage: 

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Mobile when not in use: Whenever you are not using WiFi, toggle it off as it helps you save the battery life.
  • Bluetooth: Also toggle the Bluetooth off if you are not using it.
  • Airplane Mode: You can select to enable Airplane mode from Quick Settings to turn off all the wireless communications including cellular and data. Best for saving the juice for later usage!
  • Location settings: From Settings Location turn the toggle off to switch GPS off.
  • Power saver: If you intend to have the cellular communications (which is what the phones are for!), and still wants to save battery, enable the default Power Saver settings to save battery. Pre-set power saving mode does a few things:
    • Reduces CPU Power and slows down the phone.
    • Turns Display brightness to the lowest setting.
    • Turns off Vibration.
    • Turns off Data connection which means phone can’t connect to the Internet.
  • Set static wallpapers: Go to Personalize Home Screen Wallpapers and use a static photo instead of Live wallpapers.
  • Change Brightness:  HTC One M8 offers you five brightness settings. From Auto to Three colored lines (which consume the most battery), you can select according to your needs of battery and personal screen brightness preference.
  • Screen timeout: Along with a static wallpaper and lowered screen brightness, tweak the Screen timeout to a minute to have the screen consume less battery juice from Display & Gestures Screen timeout.
    • There's also an Auto Mode that will turn off the screen quickly unless you wave your hand over the screen to keep it turned on.
  • Turn off vibrate: From Settings Sound turn off the Vibrate on touch feature.
  • Turn off the background apps: From Settings Apps > swipe left twice to bring RUNNING apps and tap them Stop for the ones you don't use to stop loading.
  • Go to Settings Battery Manager Power Saver and toggle on the Sleep Mode and Show battery level which turns off the data connection when phone is sleeping for a long period of time and shows an icon in the status bar to keep you up to date with battery usage, respectively.

These were some of the HTC One battery tips and tricks to help you use the smartphone for longer period of time, especially when you can't charge up your smartphone. Don't forget to share your own tips and tricks that you use to have longer battery life.

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