HTC One A9 Benchmarking Scores Leaked – Not What We Were Expecting At All


From what we heard about HTC One A9, we really thought that it was a smartphone that was going to blow us away. However, the leaked hardware specifications and benchmarking scores had another tale to tell.

Benchmarking Leak Shows That HTC One A9 Is Going To Feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 620 And Not A Helio X20 – Disappointing Indeed

According to Chinese microblogging website Weibo, we came across the benchmarking scores and hardware specifications of HTC One A9. While we expecting to see that the smartphone would be sporting the highly anticipated Helio X20, imagine our surprise when the chipset details state that the handset was going to be running a Snapdragon 620? Now that is thoroughly disappointing, despite the fact that Snapdragon 620 is a heavy hitter, according to the benchmarking scores we reported earlier.

However, the AnTuTu scores had another story to tell because according to the leak, HTC One A9 barely manages to cross the 40,000 point mark, indicating that the chipset present inside the smartphone is not even faster than a Helio X10. One source of comfort that we were able to gain from this disappointment was the fact that HTC One A9 comes with 3GB of RAM, and the smartphone will be running Android Marshmallow when it is officially available to purchase.

The specifications sheet also state that the device is going to have 32GB of internal storage, and after seeing all the previous smartphones released by the company so far, we expect this one to have a removable card slot with a maximum capacity support of 128GB. The Taiwanese smartphone OEM has maintained the screen size of the handset, which is set at 5.0 inches and it also has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

If the resolution was any higher, then we fear the smartphone would have obtained an even lower score in the benchmarking test. However, let us not get ahead of ourselves this quickly. There is still some time for HTC One A9 to be officially launched so we will treat this benchmarking leak and scores with a grain of salt and wait for more leaks to sprout before we can come to a decisive conclusion.

Our thoughts on the current benchmarking leak is that if this is what we expect from HTC, then it is no wonder why they are not having any success in the smartphone industry. How do you like HTC One A9 so far? Do tell us your views.