HTC One A9 Could Come In A Windows 10 Variant But Will It Be Enough?


While we were waiting for a high-octane HTC One A9 to be unveiled to the public, what we got was the complete opposite. With all the mistakes the company has committed in this year, it is rumored that the company is working on a Windows 10 variant of its latest smartphone, but will it be enough?

HTC One A9 For Windows Is Being Referred To As A9w, And We Are Not So Sure That It Can Save The Company From Its Imminent Doom

According to TENAA, HTC One A9 could be releasing in a Windows 10 variant in the future, much like the company’s previous flagship smartphone, One M8. One advantage of running Windows 10 on the smartphone is that thanks to its optimization, it will require less system resources as opposed to Android and in return, will provide a nice fluid experience to the user. That being said, we believe that a Windows 10 smartphone running a Snapdragon 617, along with 2GB of RAM will be quite sufficient for the device to deliver a smooth operating system, but the question still remains that will it be able to save the company from its imminent doom?

We think not. For starters, if the company is going to be releasing a Windows 10 model, it will obviously carry a price tag that majority of consumers will definitely not bother to look at. This is because a long time ago, we reported that Xiaomi smartphone owners could be able to run Windows 10 on their handsets. With Xiaomi following a successful business model so far, allowing it to climb to the number three position of the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world (thanks to keeping the price tags of its products much lower than the competition), HTC will definitely have to keep an eye on its pricing strategy.

A $400 smartphone running a mid-ranged chipset is not exactly what you call affordable, and with the competition rising, there are much better alternatives available for users these days, and best of all, they carry a much lower price tag. Although you will have the added advantage of using Microsoft’s latest mobile platform, it will definitely take more than a miracle to save the company. Do you guys believe that a HTC One A9 Windows 10 version can save the Taiwanese firm from its impending downfall? Let us know your thoughts.