HTC One A9 Benchmarks Revealed – Finally Some Good News As Exynos 7420 Gets Thwarted

Omar Sohail

Previously, we reported that Taiwanese firm HTC was working on another flagship smartphone that was going to feature a completely different name. Turns out they were right all along because the next flagship smartphone from the company is going to be called HTC One A9. Why should you be excited for the release of HTC One A9? It is because we have come across the leaked benchmarks of the device and you will be amazed to see the results.

HTC One A9 Will Be Sporting MediaTek’s Helio X20, So We Should Expect A Ton Of Performance – Latest Benchmarking Details Reveal Everything

According a benchmarking source, the Helio X20 SoC present in HTC One A9 is effortlessly able to zip past Exynos 7420, which was expected otherwise the deca-core processor would have been an absolutely useless chip. There are two Cortex-A72 cores running inside Helio X20, which will easily make short work of the four Cortex-A57 cores present in Samsung’s mobile chipset. Previously, we had also reported a leaked AnTuTu benchmark score in which a device sporting MT6797, or Helio X20 was able to obtain a score above 70,000 points.

Given below were the scores obtained by HTC One A9, and we have compared them against Exynos 7420. The benchmarking application was Geekbench, so a single-core and a multi-core score has been presented.

Helio X20 running in HTC One A9

  • Single-core: 1,835
  • Multi-core: 5,884

Exynos 7420

  • Single-core: 1,486
  • Multi-core: 4,970

As you can see, the chipset in HTC One A9 has completely outclassed Exynos 7420, which is present in devices like Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. We hope that the company maintains a good impression of its upcoming smartphone by incorporating it with 4GB of RAM, an astounding camera sensor, a larger battery pack and of course a 1080p display. Samsung has already ended up making its flagship phablets a mess by removing an expandable storage slot altogether so the last thing HTC needs is another fiasco like this. Given their financial position in the smartphone market, that is the last thing it needs.

We expect that the release date of HTC One A9 is going to be in the month of October and if the company is able to price it competitively, then we could actually witness a huge comeback from a firm that was well known for its mobile devices.


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