HTC’s New Teaser Could Mean the Impending Announcement of Its Flagship Smartphone

HTC 11

We are more than happy to hear that HTC’s headphone jack-less U Ultra is not going to be the only flagship that the company announces in 2017 and the latest teaser has definitely put us at the edge of our seats as this may be a hint telling us to wait for the upcoming flagship.

HTC 11 Might Be Announced in Just 5 Days Courtesy of a Teaser Posted on the Company’s Facebook Page

One the company’s Taiwanese Facebook page, the company states the following in the caption field:

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“HTC will give you an unexpected surprise.”

According to the date, the HTC 11 might be getting unveiled on March 20, but that is five days from now. The company is definitely no stranger to the news that Qualcomm is having difficulty with Snapdragon 835 shipments and that is due to the level of complexity and difficulty that is being faced by both Samsung and TSMC for the 10nm FinFET process. The problem is that companies like HTC have no other choice but to rely on Qualcomm since the high-end smartphone chipset market is being dominated by only Qualcomm at this point.

Companies like Xiaomi have no doubt been frustrated to the point where they have started to produce their own chipsets but the plan to make your own hardware is not going to come to fruition overnight. And with the recent set of revenue losses that HTC is experiencing, the Taiwanese manufacturer simply cannot resort to making its own SoCs.

The company did say that the U Ultra was not going to be the only flagship entering the 2017 smartphone lineup, so we have high hopes from the company regarding the aforementioned date. A previous rumor states that the device is expected to come with a QHD panel coupled with a curved display similar to the Galaxy S7 edge. It is highly unlikely that the flagship is going to come shipped with a dual-camera, but the company might surprise us on March 20.

If it is not the flagship that is going to be announced then what is going to be unveiled in a few days? Let us know what your predictions are in the comments below.


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