Snapdragon 835 Continues to Land Orders and Increase Market Share – Helio X30 Left in the Dirt

Snapdragon 835

Despite the drawbacks of mass producing chips on the 10nm FinFET process, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 is having an impressive run as far as securing partnerships are concerned. Both TSMC and Samsung have been struggling to produce favorable yields of the 10nm FinFET wafers, but it appears that things might be looking up for Qualcomm, while fate has a different tale to write for MediaTek.

Snapdragon 835 Market Share Has Continued to Expand While MediaTek Unable to Achieve Volume Shipments

Despite both chipsets being manufactured on the same lithography, it is Qualcomm that has the upper hand as far as market share goes. According to sources close to the matter (via DigiTimes), MediaTek will be unable to achieve volume shipments of its Helio X30 chips until the second quarter of 2017. This will give Qualcomm an open field to capitalize on securing a dominating first quarter. As you all know, Snapdragon 835 shipments have been scarce, with Samsung securing the initial batch of the company’s finest SoC.

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Since Samsung intends to introduce a massive shipment of units for its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus shortly after the company announces them, a large percentage of those smartphones will be outfitted with Snapdragon 835, generating more revenue for Qualcomm as a result. Helio X30 might not be on the same level as a Snapdragon 835 when performance is compared, but that is because MediaTek designs chipsets for a completely different market space but even that is yet to bear fruits for the application processor developer.

Sources have also stated that Snapdragon 835 will dominate the remainder of the 2017 calendar year for the high-end smartphone market, so MediaTek might be left with crumbs to scavenge for. To help give it an edge in the future, the Taiwanese-based manufacturer was earlier reported to maintain its partnership with TSMC and work on a 7nm 12-core chipset, with risk production reportedly starting during the second quarter of this year.

While Snapdragon 835 might have an edge over MediaTek’s Helio X30, Qualcomm might be tarnishing future partnerships with smartphone manufacturers by failing to provide them with adequate shipments of Snapdragon 835 for their own flagships. Companies like Xiaomi have resorted to producing their own SoCs to get into the comfort zone, but how many other companies have the resources to begin manufacturing their own chipsets?

Do you think Helio X30 will be able to bounce back and give the Snapdragon 835 some much-needed competition? Let us know right away.

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