HTC 10: Here Is What HTC Needs To Do In Order For Its Flagship To Be Successful

HTC 10 will be announced on April 12, and as much as we want the device to become successful for a number of reasons, we cannot help but think that the company is going to squander its efforts if it does not manage to follow these steps.

HTC 10: Here Is What HTC Needs To Do In Order For Its Flagship To Be Successful

HTC 10’s Pricing Strategy: It Desperately Needs A Drastic Change

For the longest time, premium priced devices came with a hefty price tag that only the affluent could glance at. Fast forward to today, lots of Android OEMs have started to roll out smartphones that carry a much smaller price while incorporating it with the latest and greatest hardware. After all, selling handsets while keeping lower margins is far better than not selling any devices at all. Not just HTC, but Samsung has maintained to follow this strategy for the longest time, and while they definitely have the right to make a substantial profit from all of their efforts, this approach is not as effective as it once was, primarily due to new players in town selling smartphones for a much cheaper price tag, while only making a hairline of trade-offs along the way.

A large percentage of consumers will obviously not be able to entertain the prospect of a massive price tag, so instead of attempting to rake in as much money as possible, HTC 10 should sport a competitive pricing variable, the same way that Xiaomi has done with its Mi5. Apart from a few hiccups, Xiaomi Mi5 happens to be one of the fastest, one of the best looking and most importantly, one of the most affordable Snapdragon 820 powered devices out there to cater to a larger consumer base. You and I would definitely make sure that we get our hands on one of these if it means saving a large chunk of cash in the process.


Just recently, we reported that on a Romanian website, HTC 10 carries a price tag of $830 (when converted from its native currency of course). While the price tag will naturally vary according to the region you are residing it; that tiny detail right there does not give us any comfort that the upcoming flagship is going to sport a cost-effective price.

During HTC A9’s announcement, we were steaming with confidence knowing that the Taiwanese OEM finally learned its lesson and that A9 would carry an affordable price tag, but much to our dismay, we were met with a shameless copy of an iPhone, mediocre hardware specifications and a ridiculously large price tag. HTC, this is not how you convince consumers to go out and purchase a phone.

Consumers Should Not Necessarily Have To Pay The Complete Price In A Single Go

Say what you will about Apple and its iPhones; consumers who cannot afford to shell out money on an iPhone are given the chance to own a premium smartphone through a monthly payment system that does not interfere with the rest of their more important expenses. One great example would be with the company’s iPhone SE, and you can choose to pay a monthly price of either $13.30 (for the 16GB model), or $16.64 (for the 64GB model) with carrier financing.

Alternatively, Apple has also introduced a trade-in program, where you can trade in your older iPhone and immediately receive a newer model. The best part about this is that you only have to pay a monthly price for a period of 24 months, and if you take a look at those prices, we would have to conclude that this strategy is definitely an impressive one. HTC introduced its ‘UH OH’ program with the company’s M9, where it practically replaces your smartphone with brand new one, should it receive any water damage for a period of 12 months, and that too without asking for additional money in the process.


This is definitely a stepping stone for the company but what could really give HTC 10 a nice little head start is if it introduced a monthly payment as well as a trade-in program to allow consumers with financial constraints to get the opportunity to own a premium smartphone. Not everybody has the monetary capacity to shell out between $600-$650 in a single purchase and we feel that HTC 10 could be sold very well if the company decides to take these three strategies. Summarizing this, HTC has three options that it can use its advantage:

  • Retain its ‘UH OH’ program
  • Introduce a monthly payment program
  • Introduce a trade-in program (not just for HTC branded smartphones, but majority of the brands out there)

Timely Updates Are Definitely A Welcome Feature

HTC A9’s only saving grace was that it would receive timely operating system and security updates just two weeks after the official updates had been rolled out for Google’s Nexus lineup of devices. Purchasing premium flagship smartphones does mean that you are entitled to OS and security updates, but it is done at a huge cost. OEMs like Samsung and others release updates after an insanely long period, which is obviously not something that you will expect after shelling out $600-$650 on a handset.


With HTC 10, the company could get the momentum shifted in its favor by introducing the same timely updates feature, and you will only have to wait a period of 14 days after officially getting to updates to your smartphone. This will ensure better performance, better battery life and better security; something which Android is severely lacking.

Here Are The Expected Hardware Specifications Of HTC 10

Here are the specifications that we feel are going to be present inside the upcoming flagship:

Expected Hardware Specifications Of HTC 10 
ChipsetSnapdragon 820
ProcessorDual-core 2.15GHz Kryo and dual-core 1.6GHz Kryo
Internal storage32/64GB
External storageUp to 128GB
Screen size5.1 inches
Rear camera sensor12MP with an F/1.8 aperture
GPUAdreno 530
Battery capacity3,500mAh
Android OS runningMarshmallow 6.0.1
Charging portType-C USB

Making a profit for Android smartphone manufacturers is becoming increasingly difficult, but it does not make the situation entirely impossible. What approaches do you think the Taiwanese company should take with its HTC 10 in order to gain an upper hand in a very competitive market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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