The Fingerprint on Your Galaxy S20 Not Fast Enough? Here is How to Improve It

Galaxy S20 fingerprint

The Galaxy S20 series by Samsung is no doubt among the best series of devices available in the market and is loaded with a lot of the features. While the phone might not be considered a huge departure from the last year's Galaxy S10 line of devices, there is still plenty of new goodness on the newly launched devices.

One of the most notable features from the older devices happens to be the ultra-sonic fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader, in all honesty, has received some hate ever since it debuted, but the good news is that it does work really well if you know what you are doing.

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Still, many people are still complaining that the fingerprint on the Galaxy S20 series remains unchanged and is still a hit and miss.

Improve the Fingerprint on Your Galaxy S20 Devices With Ease

Now before you start swarming the internet finding a way to improve the fingerprint reader on your device, we have to tell you that you cannot physically change it. However, there are ways that you can use to make it better and in many cases, more accurate, as well.

That is what we are going to explore below.

Invest in a Better Screen Protector

By default, the Galaxy S20 comes with a plastic screen protector that does a good job at protecting your screen from minor scratches. However, most users are going to replace it with a tempered glass screen protector.

Now that is when things get tricky; when you are opting for tempered glass, you have to opt for something that works with your fingerprint sensor without causing any issues. Alternatively, you can get those oleophobic screen protectors too that are made out of softer material as they should work fine with the fingerprint scanner as well.

You can look at our list of best screen protectors for your device and we can assure you that these do work with the fingerprint reader without disrupting the overall functionality.

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Re-Adding the Fingerprints

In case you have put on a new screen protector, we would highly suggest that you start by re-adding the fingerprints. The benefit of this is that the fingerprint reader will now be able to understand the surface on the new screen protector in a much better way, allowing for better recognition.

Enrolling the Same Fingerprint Twice

Much like the predecessor, you can enrol the same fingerprint more than once and while some say that it does not do much, there is a huge chunk of users which swear by the fact that it works well. What you can do is register the same fingerprint twice; what this will do is that it will provide the fingerprint reader with more data of the same finger, which technically should result in better recognition.

Do these methods work for you? Let us know your thoughts on the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S20 series.

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