Paste Text Without Formatting in macOS [Tutorial]

How to paste text without formatting on a Mac

Here's how you can paste text without formatting in macOS Catalina or any other version of macOS with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Learn to Paste Text Without Formatting in Any Document in macOS and Keep Things Nice and Simple

So the story goes like this. You are sitting in your favorite coffee shop writing an essay, you paste something from a website as a reference and boom, the earth now has two moons, the sun is excepted to go supernova in a few years and 'div' tags appear in your document. Basically, what you did was this - import all the web formatting into your document, something which will obviously mess up what you are doing. So, what you should have done is remove the formatting and then paste the string of text into your document. How do you do that? Simple, by using this shortcut to paste text without formatting:

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Option + Shift + Command + V

Keep one thing in mind, once you paste using the above shortcut, if you are copying a list, it will remove the bullet or numerical formatting as well. Use this shortcut very carefully. It works like a charm when you are pasting simple strings of text or paragraphs. But when you throw in special formatting stuff like lists, then you might run into small problems. It is something you should expect.

I know this feels like an obvious thing, but if you are new to the Mac then this shortcut will prove to be a godsend to you. It allows you to blitz through whatever you are working on without worrying about botched formatting. It has saved me from a lot of trouble, especially when you writing on a platform such as WordPress, where you need to keep everything as streamlined as possible so that the final article looks pristine and consistent on your website.

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