Switch Wi-Fi Networks from Control Center in iOS 13 / iPadOS

Uzair Ghani
Switch W-Fi networks from iOS 13 / iPadOS Control Center

Here's how you can switch between different Wi-Fi networks in iOS 13 and iPadOS running on iPhone and iPad, respectively.

You can Use the iOS 13 / iPadOS Control Center to Switch Between Wi-Fi Networks, Here's How You Can Do it on Your iPhone or iPad Right Now

Over the years Center Center has turned into a marvelous space for getting a lot of things done, for example starting a screen recording, or even firing up the calculator. What used to be a mere toggle switch pane does so much more now that it really kills the need to jailbreak a device. And little do people know that you can even switch Wi-Fi networks straight from the Control Center, without ever having to launch the Settings app. We will show you how it's done. Pick up your iPhone or iPad and follow through.

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Switch Wi-Fi Networks from Control Center

Step 1. Pull down on the Control Center from the top right hand corner. If you have an iPhone 8 or older, then you have to swipe from the bottom of the display.

Step 2. Press and hold on the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular section to reveal more options.

Step 3. Now press and hold on the Wi-Fi button.

Step 4. Select the Wi-Fi network you wish to switch to. Enter the password if required. If you have already connected to the Wi-Fi network before then you will seamlessly switch to it.

switch Wi-Fi networks from Control Center

That's it, you now know how to switch between Wi-Fi networks straight from Control Center. And this feature is extremely handy to know about if you find yourself constantly switching between networks just to send that oh so important message.

Here's something interesting which you are going to love - if you follow the same steps above and instead of pressing and holding on the Wi-Fi button, do it on Bluetooth. You'll see a list of devices which you have already connected to and even new ones that are ready to be paired with your iPhone and iPad.

This is absolutely fantastic if you are all about the wireless life but don't want to fiddle with the Settings page that much in order to see what you are connected to.

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