Improve AirPods Pro Audio Quality and Get More Bass and Clarity

Uzair Ghani

Here's how you can improve AirPods Pro audio quality instantly and get more bass and clarity while listening to music.

Noise Cancelling is Great but it Comes at a Small Expense of Audio Quality, Here's How You Can Improve AirPods Pro Audio Quality Instantly

AirPods Pro sound great compared to previous models thanks to the in-ear design. Apple went a mile further by adding noise cancelling to the mix too. What's more crazy is the fact that AirPods Pro have microphones directed towards your ear canal so that the earphones offer you the best ever audio experience when noise cancellation is turned on. That sounds great, but the thing is, you will notice a noticeable change in how audio sounds like. You'll notice slightly weaker bass and a pale audio experience.

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You can actually fix this by simply turning off noise cancellation. When you do this, the microphones turn themselves off, and you get unprocessed audio. This will lead to far more bass and a superior balanced sound. Of course, the obvious downside to this is giving up noise cancellation. I will only suggest turning noise cancelling off if you are already sitting in a place which is not noisy at all. If you are on a plane, it's best to push the gas pedal on noise cancellation at all times.

Keep one thing else in mind - when I say turn off noise cancellation, I mean turn off. You don't have to switch over to Transparency Mode. Move the toggle switch to the Off position. You can learn more about switching modes by going here: How to Use Noise Cancellation and Transparency with AirPods Pro

improve AirPods Pro audio by turning off noise cancellation

This change in sound is not limited to just the AirPods Pro. Even if you have some other brand of headphones or earphones, you'll notice a difference in sound as soon as you turn on / off noise cancellation. In other words, the technology is not exactly perfect. Some changes to audio will be noticeable when you dampen everything around you.

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