How to Quickly Connect AirPods to iPhone [Fastest Method]

Imran Hussain

Although AirPods are known for their quick connectivity with iOS devices. However, sometimes you have to wait and wonder why your device is not outputting audio through your AirPods. Luckily, a Reddit user has discovered a quick and effective way to connect to your AirPods using Shortcuts Automation.

Apple touts the W1 and H1 chips, in first-generation AirPods and second-generation AirPods, respectively, to be the reason that these wireless earbuds pair so quickly with iOS and iPadOS. The H1 chip in second-generation AirPods, and AirPods Pro, is supposed to be faster at connectivity than W1 chip, as it supports Bluetooth 5 and other improvements. Unfortunately, in real-world usage, users who switch often between different devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, run into slow connectivity issues.

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How to Quickly Connect AirPods to iPhone

A workaround has been posted by Reddit user MINGA64, which involves the usage of Shortcuts Automation to quickly switch the audio output device. Here is how you can follow this workaround:

  1. Open the Automation app on your iPhone or iPad and tap on Create Personal Automation.
  2. Scroll down and tap on 'Open App'.
  3. Tap on 'Choose' next to the App option on the next screen.
  4. Now we will select the apps in this list. These apps will automatically launch the Shortcut Automation, every time they are launched. I selected Phone and FaceTime because I use my AirPods often for calls. However, you can select any app you want (even multiple), like Music or Podcasts.
  5. Once you select the apps, click done. When you go back to the New Automation screen, tap on 'Next' on the top right.
  6. In Actions, tap on the blue 'Add Action' button.
  7. When you see the apps and actions UI, tap on 'scripting'.
  8. Scroll down and find 'Set Playback Destination'. Tap it and then tap 'Next' on the top right.
  9. Back in the Actions screen, you'll see an option which says 'Set playback destination to iPhone'. Tap on 'iPhone'.
  10. Make sure your AirPods are connected to your iPhone so that they show up in this 'Devices' list. Tap on them.
  11. The option should now say 'Set playback destination to [name of your AirPods]'. Click Next on the top right.
  12. You will now land back to the 'New Automation' screen. Tap on the toggle next to 'Ask Before Running'.
  13. Tap on 'Don't Ask' in the dialogue box that opens up. The reason for disabling this is so that the switching is seamless and you don't have to tap any button to run the automation.
  14. Tap 'Done' on the top right.
  15. You should see the screen similar to the last screenshot below. This means that you have successfully set up the automation.

You can test it by opening the app that you set up in your 'app' trigger in the automation. You will get a notification that your automation is running, and if you have your AirPods on, they will be instantly connected.

Automation is running

If you find the 'automation is running' notification annoying, you can set it to delivery quietly so it does not show up every time you open the app.

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