Turn Off Always-on Display on Apple Watch Series 5 to Save Battery Life

turn off always-on display to save battery life

Here is how you can turn off always-on display on Apple Watch Series 5 to save battery life in return. Do it now for better battery.

Turn Off Always-on Display Feature on Apple Watch Series 5 if You Care About Battery Life

The one big thing that sets the Series 5 Apple Watch apart from Series 4 is the always-on Retina display and the compass. But that always-on display comes with major downside and this is poor battery life. Sure, it will get you through the day, but you will put the watch on the charger at around 20% mark or so every single night. If you turn off always-on display on the Series 5 then you can actually get through two days worth of use, provided you are careful enough with usage. So, in today's tutorial we will show you how to turn off always-on display on the Apple Watch Series 5.

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Step 1. Click on the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to go to the home screen.

Step 2. Select Settings.

Step 3. Tap on Display & Brightness.

Step 4. Now tap on Always On and make sure the toggle switch is off.

That's it, your device won't remain on throughout the day, saving you a ton of battery in return. If you want to undo everything above, then you can simply move the Always On switch to the on position. Simple.

Having an always-on display is something which I will totally stand behind as long as the battery hit is not that significant. I've had days where I was away from home and my Series 4 held onto two days of battery life like a champ and I still had 5% remaining. I'm sure this wouldn't have been possible if I had a Series 5 around my wrist.

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Who knows, given the strides we are seeing in display tech, Apple might actually make things right with Series 6 next year. Even processor and software efficiency can make up for the lost battery life throughout the day.

Guess we have no choice but to wait and keep the feature on hold for a while.

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