Set up and Use Multi User Accounts on Apple TV / tvOS 13

Multi User Accounts on Apple TV

Here's how you can set up and use multi user accounts on the Apple TV running the latest tvOS 13 software update from Apple.

Use Multi User Accounts on Apple TV for a Personalized Living Room Experience

We now have multiple devices and multiple users at home. So essentially, this means that we end up with unique set of personalizations that tend to overlap if we use a common device such as an Apple TV. You might be watching a specific TV show and based on that Siri will suggest you stuff, then someone else chugs along with their own set of TV shows and movies just to make Siri work for both you only to end up with a cesspool of useless and crowded recommendations. It neither works for you, neither the person you're sharing the Apple TV with.

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Apple thought about this well and hard and introduced multi user accounts on Apple TV with the latest tvOS 13 update. This means that you can switch between profiles that are unique to you and have recommendations that are tailored for you only. It works exactly like how multiple accounts do on Windows or Mac laptop where every setting and recommendation is unique to you.

Setting up multi user accounts on Apple TV is actually quite easy depending on the route you want to take and we will walk you through it all one step at a time.

The Essential Prerequisites

  • Make sure that your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD is running the latest tvOS 13 software update
  • The person who you are going to invite must be running the latest version of iOS 13 and has iCloud Keychain enabled

The first method we will walk you through is the Home app method. Once you are through with this, the person invited will be able to control your HomeKit device as well as Apple TV. If you only want to give someone access to Apple TV only, then skip to the last part of this tutorial.

Send the Request and Accept Using Home App

With your Apple TV up and running on your Apple ID, the rest of the magic happens straight from the Home app on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.

Step 1. Tap on the Home app icon on your home screen.

Step 2. Tap the tiny Home icon on the top left hand corner.

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Step 3. Tap on Invite, type in the Apple ID of the user you are inviting to use the Apple TV.

Step 4. Tap on Send Invite.

Accept Invitation and Start Enjoying Multi User Accounts on Apple TV

Once the invitation has been sent, follow the steps on the invite receiver's iPhone and iPad:

Step 1. Launch the Home app from the home screen.

Step 2. Tap on the Home icon on the top left hand side of the screen. You should see a red notification badge on it too.

Step 3. Tap on Home Settings.

Step 4. Tap on Accept.

Step 5. Tap Done.

Once this is done, you'll see the following on your Home app's main screen. Tap on Continue, then tap on Add Me to Apple TV.

Multi User Accounts on Apple TV from Home app

You Can Add Profiles Straight from Apple TV too (The Easy Method)

Right from your Apple TV, you have the luxury to add multi user accounts too. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Launch Settings from the home screen.

Step 2. Select User and Accounts.

Step 3. Select Add New User.

Step 4. Select Continue.

Step 5. Select Enter New.

Step 6. Enter the second user's Apple ID and password and log right in.

How to Switch Between Multiple Accounts on Apple TV?

Press and hold the TV icon on the Siri Remote and you'll see the Control Center come right up. Here, you can switch between multiple profiles, select AirPlay devices and even turn off your Apple TV if you like.

Remove Users from Apple TV

So, you didn't feel the vibe of multi user accounts so you want to revert it all back. Don't worry, you can undo it all by simply following the steps outlined below:

  • Using Apple TV - Launch Settings, tap on Users and Accounts, select Current User, select the user account you want to remove then select Remove User from Apple TV.
  • Using Home app - Launch Home from home screen, then turn off the Show Me on Apple TV feature.

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