How to Fix Netflix T1 Error Code on Windows 10 Computers

Sometimes, when we launch Netflix apps or use them via our browser, we get errors. Usually, these errors have something to do with network connectivity issues, but sometimes there may be other reasons. For example, how many of you have tried launching the Netflix desktop app and received a blank screen with the error message, ‘Sorry there was a problem communicating with Netflix’ with a T1 error code? How many times has this message disrupted a pretty good Netflix mood? No, you need to worry because, in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to fix Netflix T1 error code on Windows 10 computers.

Fix Netflix T1 Error Code Methods

There are various Netflix error codes, and I will discuss them some other day. Today, I am going to look into a code that looks like the image below:

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Fix Netflix T1 Error

Does this look familiar? If yes, then I will show you different ways in which this error can be fixed. Try out the following methods and see if it fixes the problem.

Troubleshoot Connection

Disable VPN

Netflix doesn’t like people using proxy connections or VPNs. VPNs will give you access to more content, but the company has improved its technology to detect if users are using VPNs or not over the years. Unfortunately, if the app detects that a user is using such tools, it blocks access to the content, and you get the T1 error on your screen.

To ensure that you don’t get this error, disable any VPNs and proxy connections. If you are using dedicated VPN apps, disconnect them from there. If you are using a system proxy or VPN, follow these steps:

  1.  Open Settings using the shortcut keys Win + I.
  2.  Select Network & Internet.
  3.  Select VPN from the left pane.
  4.  Disable any VPN that you are using.
  5.  Now select Proxy from the left pane.
  6.  Disable any Automatic or Manual Proxy present.

Internet Connection

If you have a poor internet connection, you will also get a T1 error. Reset your router or get a better Internet plan. A bad internet connection is simply annoying, and I suggest changing your Internet provider or asking them for a better plan.

Troubleshoot Network Settings

This should be the last resort, and you should only do this when nothing else works. After that, you can reset your Network settings and then add your WiFi network again.

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    1.  Open Settings using shortcut keys Win + I.
    2.  Select Network & Internet.
    3.  Select Status from the left pane.
    4.  Scroll down, and at the very bottom, you will see Network reset. Click on it.
Fix Netflix T1 Error

Once your connection is reset, add your WiFi network again. [You will have to add password again and setup other settings too]

Now, check if your Netflix works properly or not.

Date & Time Settings

Sometimes, if you have the wrong date or time, your network connection can get disrupted as well. Make sure that your computer is configured to automatically update date and time settings according to your set time zone.

Step-1: Go to the Start Menu and click on the Settings cog. (Shortcut Keys: Win + I)

Fix Netflix T1 Error
Step-2: Select Time & Language.

Fix Netflix T1 Error
Step-3: In the Date & Time section (choose it from the left pane), ensure that the toggle switches for Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically are switched ON.

Fix Netflix T1 Error
Step-4: You should also ensure that your clock is synced with the Windows Time Server. In the section Synchronise your clock, click on Sync now.

Fix Netflix T1 Error
Reinstall App to Fix Netflix T1 Error

Step-1: Open settings from the Start menu or use the shortcut keys Win + I.

Step-2: Select Apps.

Fix Netflix T1 Error
Step-3: In the App & Features tab, scroll down and locate Netflix app. [The apps are listed in alphabetical order, so you will have to scroll down till you reach the apps starting from N]

Step-4: Click on Netflix. Select Uninstall.

Uninstall app
Step-5: You will be asked to confirm your option. Click Uninstall.

Uninstall app
Step-6: After the app has been uninstalled successfully, install the app again from the Microsoft Store. You can use this link to install it as well.

Restart Computer

Sometimes restarting your computer and ensuring that your computer is updated can help fix this error too. In addition, restarting your computer can help fix any system or network-related glitch that is not allowing the app to function properly. Whenever your restart, make sure you select the Update and restart option.

  1.  Go to the Start Menu.
  2.  Click on the Power option.
  3.  Select Update and restart.
Restart PC

Hopefully, one of these methods will fix Netflix T1 error, and you can have a smooth viewing without any further disruptions on your Windows 10 computers.

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