Reddit App for Windows 10 Gets Another Update, Brings Major Speed Improvements


Popular Reddit app, Readit, was recently updated for Windows. Bringing in Jump Lists and several bug fixes, it also brought in some page load and speed bump issues with it. Affecting users of Lumia 920 specifically, the developer has pushed out another update bringing "major speed improvements" to all the Windows Phone devices.

fix readit windows 10 app

Reddit app for Windows 10 updated again:

Readit version introduced Jump Lists support for desktop. It also brought in several other new features, however, due to some performance issues, developer Caleb Keith had to send another update today fixing the speed problems. Following are the "general additions" that previous update introduced to Readit Windows app:

  • Jump lists are now supported for desktop. Favorites are added as a group and synced to that list for quick access.
  • You can now set the flair of your own submissions (mobile: use the post content appbar menu, desktop: use the ellipsis menu of a post)
  • The flair dropdown now shows (cssclass) – (default text/current text) when choosing flairs
  • The random NSFW button will no longer appear when you have hide all nsfw content enabled in settings
  • Updated the desktop titlebar based on /u/PhilDunphy23’s concept

Today's update to the Windows 10 app brings Readit to version You can find the complete changelog below:

General Additions
•Markdown editor is now available when editing posts
•Mobile – When tapping on a thumbnail to preview a post (or a link in the comments), it will now be dismissable via tapping the area surrounding the image in the popup
•The subreddit, domain, and username will now wrap in the post list instead of cutting off

•Major improvements in page navigation speed for all pages
•Major improvements in post viewing speed and speed of backing out of a post
•Improved speed of switching between subreddits
•The back button on phone and tablet mode will be much more responsive
•Swipe view should be a bit more responsive

Bug Fixes
•Fixed photos identified as gifs from loading incorrectly and getting stuck in swipe view
•The back button will now close the hamburger menu properly, closes the letter picker for the subreddits list before the hamburger menu now as well

To download the app, please go to Microsoft Store.