How to Engrave Your AirTag and Customize it


Looking to engrave your Apple AirTag before purchasing it? You can do it, and we will show you how.

Make the AirTag Your Own with a Personal Engraving Straight from Apple

Nothing screams personalization like an engraving on your Apple product. Turns out, you can engrave the AirTag as well and Apple made a huge song and dance about it during its Spring Loaded event. It is super easy to do and we have a quick little tutorial showing you how simple it is.

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Step 1. Open the website in your web browser

Step 2. Click on iPhone at the top

Step 3. Now select AirTag from the list of available sections at the top

Step 4. Click on Buy at the top right hand corner

Step 5. Select whether you want to buy a 1 pack or a 4 pack

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Step 6. Now select Add engraving. It is absolutely free

Step 7. Either you can select an emoji, text or a mix of both. Once done, click on Save at the bottom

Step 8. Now click on Add to Bag and follow the on-screen instructions for purchase and shipment

Keep one thing in mind here, when you order an engraved AirTag, the order takes a few extra days to ship. If you are lucky, they might take the same amount of time as AirTag without engraving on them.

Also keep one thing in mind, if you forgot to engrave your AirTag, you cannot send it back to Apple to have it engraved. It has to be at the time of purchase otherwise you have missed the boat.

Apart from making it personal, engraving is a great way to show your appreciation towards someone as well. Nothing beats a gift with a personal message on it, right?

Let us know in the comments section what message you tossed on your AirTag before shipping it over.

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