How Many AirTags Can You Pair With a Single Apple ID Account?


Apple's new AirTag accessory is the newest addition to the company's mix of products. While the size and dimensions are small, the utility of the accessory stretches to your daily routine. Once a product reaches the scale, it is termed as a success for the company, calling it a necessity that an individual must possess. However, the AirTag is only $29 and a pack of four only costs $99, which is obviously a better deal. This gives us room to ask how much ArTags can a person actually use? Well, Apple's executives' coin that users can pair up to 16 AirTags with a single Apple ID account.

You Can Pair Up to 16 AirTags to a Single Apple ID Account

Apple's AirTags are meant to track lost items only with precise location tracking all thanks to the UWB chip. It runs on a battery that users can replace quite easily. However, a single battery will last you an entire year before you have to change it. Since the AirTag attaches to your belongings, the limitation exists to 16 AirTags for each Apple ID account. What this means is that you cannot pair more than the given count. If you want to track other items that exceed the limit, you will just have to swap the tags.

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Apart from this, the AirTag features an in-built speaker that can create a sound, Precision Tracking for precise location. All of the features are tightly integrated with Apple's Find My network and the company has greatly focused on privacy and security. You can check out the video to know more details on Apple's AirTag accessory.

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