How to Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen

Windows 11 Systems

Windows 11 has a lot of features that allow you to customize your PC to your preference. One such feature is the ability to personalize the lock screen. Usually, when you turn your computer on, you will see specific default settings enabled. You will see certain tips, background images that are usually landscapes, etc. You can change this and set customize everything. This tutorial will address this and show you how to customize Windows 11 lock screen.

Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen

Step-1: Right-click anywhere on your desktop and click on Personalise.

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Step-2: You will be directed to the Personalisation section in the Settings app. Click on the  Lock screen option in the right pane.

Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen

Step-3: To change your lock screen background, click on the drop-down menu next to Personalise your lock screen. Windows spotlight is the default setting that provides images by Microsoft. The other two options that you can choose are Picture and Slideshow.

Personalisation Settings
  •  If you choose Slideshow, you can choose a folder with images. These images will rotate automatically with time.
    Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen
  •  If you choose Picture, you will have to select an image from the ‘Browse photos’ option and set it up.
    Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen

Step-4: On your lock screen, you must have noticed that small tips or facts are available. When you choose the Slideshow or the Picture Option as in Step-3, you will see a check box next to Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen. Uncheck this box if you don’t want to see these small tips.

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Facts Toggle Switch

Step-5: By default, you see the date and time displayed on the lock screen. However, you can change it to the weather, email notifications, etc. Just pick the app you wish to display information from the drop-down menu next to Lock screen status.

Lock Screen Status

Step-6: There are two other toggle switches that you can use:

  •  If you don’t want to see the background image on the lock screen, turn the toggle switch off to Show the lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen.
  •  When you move your laptop or any other peripherals attached to the PC while on your lock screen, the lock screen image reacts somehow. You can choose to keep it stagnant by turning the toggle switch off next to Make the lock screen image react when I move my PC.
    Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen

I hope this helped customize your Windows 11 lock screen. Let us know in the comments below.

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