How to Check Your HomePod, HomePod mini Wi-Fi Strength


Want to know your HomePod or HomePod mini Wi-Fi strength? You can do that from the Home app. Here's how it works.

Quickly Find Out Your HomePod or HomePod mini's Wi-Fi Signal Strength Straight from the Home App on iPhone and iPad

Setting up the HomePod or HomePod mini is super easy. Just bring your iPhone or iPad nearby and you'll be presented to on-screen steps for quickly getting things up and running (or playing). What's more magical is how it simply picks up known Wi-Fi networks straight from your iCloud account so you don't have to enter passwords or anything. You're connected instantly.

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While that is great and all, a weak Wi-Fi connection will ultimately affect the overall performance of your HomePod or HomePod mini. So, how do you find out whether your HomePod's connection to your Wi-Fi network is just fine? Thanks to the latest iOS 15.5 and HomePod 15.5 updates, you can quickly see the Wi-Fi strength to your Wi-Fi router alongside the name of the network itself.


Step 1. Launch the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Select the room in which your HomePod is.

Step 3. Once you've located your HomePod, tap and hold on it to reveal more options.

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Step 4. Scroll down and tap on the Settings icon on the bottom right.

Step 5. Scroll all the way down until you see the entry called 'Wi-Fi Network.' Tap on the MAC address and you'll see the network name and signal strength.

This information is great for determining whether you need to reposition your HomePod for optimal wireless strength. A bad signal can hinder Siri and HomeKit performance alongside the ability to AirPlay stuff. Full bars of solid Wi-Fi strength ensures everything runs as smoothly as possible.

The biggest downside here is fairly obvious - you cannot choose a Wi-Fi network yourself. You have to let Apple decide which Wi-Fi network the HomePod will connect to. Basically, if you have a dedicated network for your HomePod, you won't be able to manually connect to it. But, we're hopeful Apple will navigate us out of this problem in a future update to the HomePod.

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