HomePod Software Update 16.3 Enables Temperature And Humidity Sensor In HomePod mini

Uzair Ghani
HomePod mini temperature and humidity sensor to be unlocked next week.

Apple is set to release a brand new software update for the HomePod mini next week, and it enables the temperature and humidity sensor.

HomePod mini’s temperature and humidity sensor will be unlocked next week with the 16.3 software update for HomePod

The newly announced HomePod features a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. If you ask Siri to tell you the temperature of your room, the assistant will gladly do so. Fun fact: the very same temperature and humidity sensor exists in the HomePod mini as well, except that it is not enabled from the software end.

However, all of that is about to change next week with the HomePod software update 16.3 as it enables said temperature and humidity sensor. Do keep in mind that this sensor is limited to the new HomePod and HomePod mini, if you have the older HomePod model with you, it’s good as a HomeKit hub or a great AirPlay speaker, nothing more.

While the temperature and humidity sensor may not make much sense for a lot of people out there, it is great if you have a HomeKit situation going on. You can use the built-in sensors to trigger automation based on certain temperature or humidity levels. For example, when the room temperature hits 28 degrees, you can have the AC turn on automatically until the temperature drops to 24 degrees. There are a ton of possibilities, and they are simply waiting to be discovered.

The 16.3 software update will be available for all HomePod users next week. It will be available as a free download, and you will be able to download it as soon as it becomes available. If the temperature sensor is something you actually look forward to using, then make sure you manually download the update when it becomes available. Automatic updates take several weeks to download and install.

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