Download watchOS 8 Beta on Apple Watch Series 6, 5, SE and 4 [Tutorial]

Uzair Ghani
You can now download watchOS 8 beta for Apple Watch

watchOS 8 beta is now available for Apple Watch Series 6, 5, 4 and SE. Here is how you can download and install it right now.

Download and Install watchOS 8 Beta onto Your Apple Watch Today and Take the New Software for a Spin

Update: watchOS 8 beta 2 is now available for download.

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Before you go ahead, please know that once you install this update, you cannot downgrade back to watchOS 7 at all. You have to download and install subsequent watchOS 8 beta updates until the final version is released later this year.

Secondly, in order to test out watchOS 8 beta, you must have iOS 15 beta installed on your iPhone. If you do not have a compatible iPhone, then this beta is not for you even if you have a compatible Apple Watch. For more information on how to download and install iOS 15 beta, check out the following and then return to this tutorial:

Given you have a compatible iPhone with iOS 15 installed on it, you must have an Apple Watch that supports watchOS 8 out of the gate. As long as you have either one of the following Apple Watch models, you are in the green:

  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series SE

Once you have iOS 15 beta installed and for sure have a compatible Apple Watch, follow the steps outlined below.


Step 1. On your iPhone running iOS 15 beta, launch Safari and head over to:

Step 2. If you are not enrolled in the developer program, then tap on Enroll. If you are already, then tap on Account and sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 3. Once signed in, you will be presented with a list of options. Just go to the Downloads section directly.

Step 4. Scroll down to watchOS 8, and then tap on the Install profile button next to it. Approve the profile if necessary.

Step 5. Simply place your Apple Watch on its charger and then launch the Watch app.

Step 6. Tap on General > Software Update.

Step 7. When the update shows up, tap on Download and Install.

The whole thing may take a while to download and install, especially if you are doing this on the first day of the beta going live. Apple's servers are no doubt hammered at this point, so exercise patience.

Once done, you can start using the update normally.

Want to learn more about the new features in watchOS 8? Check out the following:

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