You Can Own a OnePlus 8 Before It Officially Launches – Here’s How


The OnePlus 8 family will most likely comprise of three models that are rumored to launch on April 15. Of course, that might change due to the coronavirus pandemic, but from the looks of it, OnePlus will stick to the original plan. For those that want the opportunity to own a flagship model from the company before it officially launches, the company has a forum post highlighting the ways in which you can do so. Here are all the details you should know.

OnePlus’ The Lab Program Allows You to Sign up Free of Cost and Review the company’s Latest Smartphones Before They Are Officially Unveiled

OnePlus’ The Lab program allows community members to review its latest smartphones. The initiative was first executed when the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T were officially launched and it looks like the company will be sticking to the same plan when it comes to the OnePlus 8 family.

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However, the available slots are going to be extremely limited. OnePlus will invite 10 participants to be among the first to get a OnePlus 8 flagship. It can either be the regular OnePlus 8 or the OnePlus 8 Pro, or even the low-cost OnePlus 8 Lite. In short, the company hasn’t specified, so we’ll have to wait for the official announcement from the company. OnePlus does refer to the handset as a flagship, so it’s possible it could be referring to the ‘Pro’ variant.

OnePlus will continue to accept applications for its The Lab new program until April 1, 5 AM ET. Reviewers for the new OnePlus 8 flagship will be chosen according to their writing, photography and videography skills. The winners will be announced on April 2, 9 AM ET.

If you want to own the OnePlus 8 before its inception, you can apply here. Furthermore, if you want more details regarding The Lab program, you can click on the source below and get more info.

News Source: OnePlus