This Unreleased ‘Apple Magic Charger’ Did Not See Daylight and We Are Glad

Ali Salman
Apple Magic CHarger Accessory for iPhone

Apple failed to release its AirPower wireless charging accessory even after years of research and development. Now, images of an unreleased MagSafe charger have appeared online, highlighting the design and functionality. The MagSafe charging accessory is called the Apple Magic Charger, but it can only charge your iPhone in the landscape position. Scroll down to see the design of the unreleased accessory.

Images of an Unreleased Apple Magic Charger Appears Online, Charges an iPhone in Landscape

The Magic Charger appears to look quite similar to the hinged MagSafe Duo charger from Apple. The accessory was first shared by the Apple product collector TheBlueMister on Twitter earlier this month. Other collectors based in Asia have tested the accessory and shared images of it online. The user is set to disassemble the Magic Charger and restore it to working condition. He also shared some of the processes involved on Twitter. Upon connecting it to the Mac, the accessory is named "Apple Magic Charger."

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As for the design, the Magic Charger houses a rubberized MagSafe charger embedded within an anodized aluminum square. The charger in the accessory can be pushed to put it into a vertical position. It also features a rubberized base to keep it in one place and has a Space Gray finish. Furthermore, it comes with a  braided USB-C charging cable. Additional images of the unreleased accessories were also shared by DuanRui on Twitter.

As mentioned earlier, the Magic Charger resembles the hinged Apple Watch charger on the MagSafe Duo. Considering the design of the accessory, it only seems to be compatible with the iPhone, providing a landscape view to users when opened up. According to the collector, the design was restricted to keeping the iPhone in a horizontal position only. This is one of the reasons why Apple had to let it go.

This is all there is to it, folks. We will have more details on the subject as soon as further details are available. Share your thoughts on the accessory in the comments section below.

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