How Does iOS 15 Beta 1 Stack Up Against iOS 14.6 in a Speed Test Comparison – Video

Ali Salman
iOS 15 Beta 1 Speed Test Comparison Against ioS 14.6

Apple recently hosted its annual WWDC 2021 event and announced a bevy of new software updates for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Mac. While the forthcoming updates have a lot to offer, one of the things that we are looking forward to is improved performance on all devices. Henceforth, we now have a visual cue of how iOS 15 beta 1 compares against the current iOS 14.6 in speed or performance test.

iOS 15 Beta 1 Compared Against iOS 14.6 in a Speed Test or Performance Comparison

With every major release of iOS, we have observed that the company slows down the user experience on older as well as some newer models. It could potentially be true that older hardware can not take much from the latest releases and slows the performance down. However, not all of us can upgrade to a newer model and it would be great if Apple can do its software magic and keep the performance up to the usable level. This brings our attention to the new iOS 15 beta 1 speed test comparison against iOS 14.6.

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iOS 14.6 is excessively draining battery life on older as well as newer models of the iPhone. Personally, I have seen the drop in battery life on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. While a battery drain test will be up on a different day, we are quite intrigued if Apple has added any major performance enhancements to the new operating system. The video has been added below, so you can check it for yourself. The test was conducted by the YouTube channel iAppeBytes. The channel has used several iPhone models from the original iPhone SE to the iPhone 11. This will give you a clear insight into how the new operating system performs on older and newer iPhone models.

iOS 15 Beta 1 Speed Test COmparison Against ioS 14.6

Overall we can see that iOS 15.1 beta 1 has some bugs which allow iPhone models with iOS 14.6 to boot up faster. However, there were also several instances where iOS 15.1 beta 1 was faster when compared to iOS 14.6, like opening webpages and app load times. The transitions and animations were fluid but it can be seen that iOS 14.6 was better. Take note that this is just beta 1 of iOS 15 and it is bound to be crawling with bugs. With that said, it can also be sensed that Apple has improved its beta game with fewer major problems and issues. The new iOS 15 beta 1 speed test comparison against iOS 14.6 gives you a clear insight into how the two platforms compare in performance.

As mentioned earlier, iOS 15 is still early in its beta phase and the final build will be released later in the fall. If you are waiting for the developer beta, it will be available to the public sometime in the next month, according to Apple. As for what is new in the latest build, Apple made sure that users get some of the most requested features like a beefed-up FaceTime app, new notifications, and much more. For more details on the platform, check out our iOS 15 announcement post.

What are your thoughts on iOS 15 beta 1 performance? Do you think Apple will further improve the performance of the platform on older devices? Let us know in the comments.

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