iOS 14.6 is Causing Excessive Battery Drain and Overheating Issues on iPhone

Ali Salman
Battery Drain on iOS 14.6

Apple released iOS 14.6 along with other major updates a few days ago. While new forward-facing features are a welcome addition, some users are complaining about excessive battery drain and heating issues across all the devices running iOS 14.6. According to social media, users are reporting severe battery drain after the update.

iPhone Users Report Excessive Battery Drain and Heating Issues After Updating to iOS 14.6

The issue seems to persist on all iPhone models running Apple's latest iOS 14.6 update. Other than an excessive battery drain, users are also reporting overheating issues even when the iPhone is left idle for several hours. Users are also worried that poor battery behavior might deteriorate their iPhone's battery health.

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Battery health deterioration does not play well with the iPhone's longevity. Users say that the battery drain issue on iOS 14.6 is evident when using the Podcast app. While it is still too early to blame Apple for the excessive battery draining, it could potentially be due to a certain app as well. In addition to this, users on older iPhone models report a significant jump in performance after updating to iOS 14.6.

Other than battery drain, iOS 14.6 comes with a plethora of new forward-facing additions, like Apple Card Family, new Podcasts App with Subscription, AirTag improvements, Apple Music Lossless audio support, and much more. It also fixes a bevy of bugs related to the iPhone's performance on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

This is all, there is to it, folks. Are you experiencing battery problems after updating your iPhone? Let us know your experience in the comments.

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