For Honor To Get Dedicated Servers And More In Season 3-4


Big changes are coming in For Honor, Ubisoft's third person game released earlier this year on PC and consoles, in the next two seasons. Among the big changes will be a move to dedicated servers, which promises to improve the online experience considerably.

On the official Ubisoft blog, it's been revealed that For Honor won't just be getting new content such as new maps and characters but also more changes to ranked matches, the fighting system, a new training area and more.

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Game Director Damien Kieken elaborated on the move to dedicated servers, highlighting how the move will be made to improve the stability of 4 versus 4 matches and to have an architecture that is more long-term.

How will adding dedicated servers improve the online experience for For Honor players?

DK: So basically, since we launched the game, we’ve faced new online challenges. We saw that we had connectivity and stability problems, mostly on 4v4 modes, so it’s one of the things we’ve looked at and worked on a lot since the game launched. And during that process, we decided to do an analysis of the whole online infrastructure we have and compare it to other existing ones. And in the end, based on all the data we gathered … we decided to do the move and to migrate to a dedicated server technology, for many, many different reasons.

One of them, and the main reason for us, is that we want to improve the stability of the matches on 4v4, and we want to have an architecture that is more long-term, that could help us more in the future for the things we want to do next. And then you have some very simple examples; with dedicated servers, you don’t have session host migration anymore, so there is no game pausing when somebody leaves the session. You won’t have to manage your NATs. You don’t have to check your NAT if you want to play with a friend or things like that. So it will also help greatly the overall experience of the player, from matchmaking to the game session itself, to playing with friends, and things like that.

As for when the move will happen, the game director can't say at the moment as it's a big change that will take some time. Work has already started, however, and it will go through several steps before it will happen.

For Honor is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.