For Honor to Finally Get Crossplay Alongside the Launch of Year 6 Content This Week

Nathan Birch
For Honor

Ubisoft Montreal’s For Honor is about to enter its sixth year of content, and as part of that, the game is finally getting crossplay between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Crossplay will be rolled out in two phases, with PvP and PvE matchmaking coming first, and group play coming later. You can get more details, below.

For Honor
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Crossplay has been an ambition of our team for a very long time. There have been many technical challenges to bring Crossplay to For Honor because the core technical game components were not originally designed to support it. Thanks to the hard work of the team, we are now proud to bring Crossplay to our Warriors. We believe Crossplay will benefit For Honor and its long-term vision.

What is Phase 1 of Crossplay?

In Phase 1, Crossplay will be enabled for matchmaking for PVP and PVE modes, unifying the 3 player pools for all PC, Playstation, and Xbox players. With Phase 1 unifying the 3 player pools into 1, players should see an improvement in their matchmaking time, and have a better For Honor experience for online multiplayer game sessions.

Will in-game communication be affected by Crossplay Phase 1?

Due to technical constraints in game voice chat will be have to be disabled for all Crossplay matches. We do have plans to reintroduce voice chat for Crossplay matches at a later date.

What is Phase 2 of Crossplay?

In Phase 2, Crossplay functionality will extend to group play with your cross-platform friends and/or players. Your friends’ platform of choice will no longer be a blocker when looking to play together. More on how this will work when Phase 2 will be announced.

As mentioned, crossplay launches alongside For Honor Year 6, which is entitled “Lost Horizons.” The season will include two new “Outlander” Heroes, which will offer unique playstyles, much like Year 5’s Pirate. You can check out a Year 6 trailer, below.

For Honor is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and playable via backward compatibility on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. For Honor Year 6 Season 1 and phase 1 of crossplay launch this Thursday (March 17).

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