Here’s How Apple Glasses Could Turn Any Surface Into a Display With Touch Controls

Ali Salman
Apple Glasses Patent Controls

Previously in the past, we have heard that Apple might be working on an AR or VR headset which will be available to all users this year. However, while the time frame can potentially vary, there's no doubt that Apple's efforts in AR are shaping up. However, the purpose and utility of the wearable headset is not clear as of now. We're not sure if it will be a standalone product or Apple's attempts to position it as an accessory. A new Apple patent has emerged, uncovered by AppleInsider that reveals Apple's potential plans for the headset or the Apple Glasses.

Apple Patent Envisions How Users Can Interact and Control Apple Glasses

The patent describes how Apple Glass users can interact with mixed reality or virtual reality environments that they are looking at. On an iPhone or iPad, users can simply tap on an AR object and interact with it but it would be a lot harder when you're wearing Apple Glasses. This is due to the fact that there is no physical touch method added to the mix.

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Apple Glasses Patent Controls

Yes, you can use input techniques such as a glove or other equipment but that would just add to the cost and the user-friendliness is compromised. Hence, Apple Glasses require an innovative method of interaction. Using your fingers is not accurate as well. The Apple patent describes the use of infrared heat sensing to detect when a user interacts with a real-world object.

The present disclosure is related to a method and device for detecting a touch between at least part of a first object and at least part of a second object, wherein the at least part of the first object has a different temperature than the at least part of the second object. The method includes providing at least one thermal image of a portion of the second object, determining in at least part of the at least one thermal image a pattern which is indicative of a particular value or range of temperature or a particular value or range of temperature change, and using the determined pattern for detecting a touch between the at least part of the first object and the at least part of the second object.

This will allow Apple Glasses to project controls onto real-world objects. Moreover, the glasses will react when it senses the heat transfer when touching the object. The technology does make sense and it is quite high-profile.

However, take the news with a pinch of salt as it is not certain if Apple is indeed currently working on the technology. Moreover, since it is just a patent application at this time and Apple files a lot of them, there's no word if the product will ever see daylight any time soon. Nonetheless, it will be something truly amazing to experience and we hope Apple is working on it.

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