Here’s a List of Android 10 Features Left Out of the Final Release


The Android 10 beta showed us a lot of promising features, many of which made it to the final release. There are, however, a lot of them that were in the beta but never saw the light of day. Why Google chose to leave these out of the final build is anybody's guess, but we hope that they make a comeback in a future version of the operating system. Let's take a look at some Android 10 beta features that never made it to the final release.

Dark Mode scheduling

Ever since OLED screens have become more commonplace, there has been a never-ending demand for Dark Mode to be implemented in just about every app and service. Android 10 finally introduced a system-wide Dark Mode, but it was lacking one minor function. Android Forks such as One UI let users schedule when the phone will automatically switch on Dark Mode. An early version of Android 10 let users do this, but the feature was pulled in the final release.

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Rules let you program your device to perform a set of pre-determined actions automatically. For example, you can make put your phone on Driving Mode, open Spotify and Google Maps once you connect to your car's Bluetooth. The same result can be achieved using third-party solutions such as Tasker. One UI has the feature baked in the form of Bixby Actions. Technically, you can enable Rules on your device, but it only works on rooted Pixels.

Screen Recorder

At this point, just about every Android Fork has a native screen recording app. Stock Android users, on the other hand, still have to rely on third-party alternatives. In one of the Android 10 beta builds, we saw hints about a native screen recorder, but the feature never saw the light of day. A lot of people need to record their screen often for a variety of reasons, and it's high time that Google included one in Stock Android. It is hardly surprising that the company didn't include a screen recorder, considering that it thought it was not 'feasible' to add scrolling screenshots to the software.

Android 10 is still playing catch up with competing Android Forks

Time and again, Stock Android has fallen short when compared with the competitor's software. Samsung, in particular, has consistently been several steps ahead of Google. Samsung's Android Pie-based One UI had introduced a lot of key Android 10 features such as a system-wide Dark Mode and a dedicated desktop mode. Even EMUI, for all of its bloat, is lightyears ahead of Google in terms of software.

Android 10 is finally catching up to the competition, and we're glad that it's happening. One would assume that the core version of the software would be ahead of its derivatives, but in Android's case, it has always been the opposite.