Here Are Some More Android Q Features Revealed by the Beta

The beta for Google's upcoming Android Q operating system dropped yesterday. There is a lot to go unpack and I've highlighted some of the new features in a previous post. Here are some more noteworthy changes we can expect to see in the yet-to-be-named version of Android. Huge thanks to Android Police for the images.

Automatically trigger battery saver mode based on usage patterns

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Typically, the battery saver mode kicks in when your battery is at a certain threshold so that you can eke out a few more minutes of screen on time before your device switches off. Android Q takes it a step further by automatically triggering it based on your usage patterns. It'll work better if you have a fixed charging schedule and predictable usage patterns.

Built-in screen recorder


We got our first glimpse at Android Q's built-in screen recorder in the first leaked build that surfaced last month. The beta appears to have it too, but it's dysfunctional at the moment. To enable screen recording, you need to head into the developer options and then find the Feature Flags menu under the 'Debugging' heading. Turn on the settings_screenrecord_long_press toggle. To record using the screen recorder, long press the power button till the side menu shows up and then long tap the screenshot button, where you'll find the ability to record your screen. It doesn't work at the moment, but it should in a subsequent release.

Native desktop mode

Just like the in-built screen recorder, we stumbled upon what looked like a native desktop mode in the first build of Android Q. It appears to be on par with the likes of Samsung Dex which lets users directly connect the handset to a display using the built-in USB-C port. It can be found in the Developer Options menu, under "Force desktop mode." When turned on, Android will show applications in free-form windows on the external monitor. It'll be a while before the feature is complete, but the early version looks promising.

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